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Todd Rothe standing in kitchen

Northland Announces Food Systems Center

…College one month after she married Don. “He wanted to show me where he had gone to college his freshman year,” she said. In fact, touring small colleges in small towns was something the two of them would do for fun and recreation their entire lives. “We both like small

Northland College students display chocolate hazelnut spread.

Business Administration

…diverse workforce. You will have the opportunity to participate in internship opportunities to explore careers in small business, industry, and government while earning credit. You’ll be prepared to pursue a career in small and large corporate enterprises. See Business Management Concentration course list. You can also choose to pair a…

Aerial shot of Ashland and Chequamegon Bay

Rural America: A Living Laboratory

Center for Rural Communities Bridging the Theory-Practice Divide

…citizens often find it difficult to locate relevant, accurate, and up-to-date data. From large scale proposals like an iron ore mine in the Penokee Hills or a potential Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) in Bayfield County, to smaller scale planning like main street revitalization, affordable housing, and waterfront rehabilitation, many…

Northland College alum Jennifer Granick

Veterinarian & Prof of Small Animal Internal Medicine

Jennifer Granick Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Majors: biology and writing with minor in chemistry ‘98 Occupation: veterinarian, assistant professor of small animal internal medicine Employer: University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine What I do: Teach medicine veterinary students, interns and residents. Perform basic science research on alternatives to antibiotic therapy…

Northland College graduate Aaron Schreiber-Stainthorp standing in a California vineyard where he directs sustainability.

From Grape to Glass

Making Wine Country More Sustainable

…as many staff as Patagonia. We are small but we are mighty. Working on a small team means we all get to wear multiple hats and it’s been a blast to be able to play a role in the entire winemaking process from grape to glass and making sure we…

Earth Day badge over night sky

Happy Birthday, Earth Day!

…into my head. That’s it!” Nelson said.“Why not have an environmental teach-in and get everyone involved?” Nelson suggested the idea in a speech to a small group on September 20. He proposed that campuses hold local events on one day the following spring to discuss “the threat to the ecology…

Mexican gray wolf movie still

Back from the Brink of Extinction

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction and Recovery

…and re-establishing a viable, self-sustaining population of at least 100 Mexican wolves in the middle to high elevations of a 5,000-square-mile area within the Mexican wolf’s historic range.” Given the small number of wolves and limited genetic diversity, fully recovering the subspecies seemed insurmountable in 1982. The captive breeding stock…

Sigurd F. Olson Journal Entries

…stride again — My needs are few. If happiness is everyday life if we make our heaven here on earth then I must really be reaping [can’t make out word] bit of heaven right now — Sometimes I think my range must be small because it takes so little to…

camera capture of tree frog and flying squirrel

Flying Squirrel photobomb leads to new discovery

…Earth to make new insights into our world.” In this case, capturing frogs in unexpected places. Tree frogs are small and similar in temperature to their environment so do not set off the motion sensitive cameras. However, flying squirrels do. And on four different occasions, flying squirrels have exposed tree…

Deer exclosure-Bayfield County

Wisconsin’s Disappearing Forest

Prof Sarah Johnson researches the botanical realities of deer browse

…of the four layers. Johnson tells me that the changes in the landscape are not only due to plants gone missing but also to invasive species, like garlic mustard, filling in the gaps while plants that belong get smaller. Johnson provided testimony in 2009 at a Wisconsin state legislative hearing…