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Rights & Responsibilities

…over student conduct by the Board of Trustees and College president. The dean of students appoints the director of residential life to oversee and manage the student conduct process. The dean of students and director of residential life may appoint investigators, administrative hearing and appeals officers as deemed necessary to…

Everybody Party

Campus Involvement Fair

September 6, 11:00 am2:00 pm

…Charlesworth Outdoor Pursuits Program Coordinator—Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute Ellie Priester Outdoor Pursuits is a program of the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute. Office of Residential Life Director of Residential Life DeeDee Dusek Social Sciences Department/Psychology Program Assistant Professor of Psychology Danielle Sneyd Office of Student Wellness Student Wellness Coordinator Kerrey Smith…


Alumnus Karl ’04 oversees outdoor therapeutic program

Healing Through a Lense

Give a teen a camera, lead her or him into nature, and you could change a life—and maybe help save the planet at the same time. At least that’s been the experience of Northland College alumnus Ian Karl ’04, experiential programming coordinator at Northwest Passage. Karl oversees outdoor and experiential…

Students in Townhouse


…a sense of place, stability, and stewardship. Our on-campus residential communities house approximately 80% of the Northland student body. Each residence hall has a trained Residence Hall Director (RHD) and a team of Resident Assistants (RAs) who live in the halls and work to organize programming, serve as resources, and…

Northland Volleyball student athlete

Student Athlete Handbook

…team captain or coach. If the student-athlete is not comfortable discussing the matter with the captain, coach, or program director, or if the student-athlete feels that the issue or concern has not been properly addressed or resolved, he/she may contact: Seamus Gregory Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Joe Cooper Dean of…