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Black bear on a trail cam

The Hidden Lives of Island Carnivores

Insights into Island Biogeography

…rodents, squirrels, songbirds and waterfowl. “This is one of the first studies to examine the carnivore community of the Apostle Islands archipelago,” said Erik Olson, associate professor of natural resources, who led the new research with Van Deelen at the University of Wisconsin, Julie Van Stappen of the Apostle Islands

Apostle Islands Devils Caves

Apostle Islands Stewardship Symposium

This symposium will feature presentations focused on the natural and human history of the Apostle Islands. Presentations will be of varying lengths and some will provide details about recent and long-term research and management projects, while others will provide summary overviews of discoveries and findings from a variety of studies,…

Professor Sarah Johnson holds measuring tape at Stockton Island

Monitoring Vegetation in the Apostle Islands

Student-Faculty Research

…says she stared at the Apostle Islands on a computer for a semester before actually stepping foot on one. “I think it is incredible that Northland allows me to get graduate-level experience as an undergrad,” Leonard said. “I never thought that I would be studying plants on the Apostle Islands

Pine marten

WPR: Scientists Seek To Solve Marten Mystery On The Apostle Islands

Erik Olson, associate professor of natural resources

Spotting the American marten in Wisconsin is no easy task. So, it’s no surprise that park officials at the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore initially doubted what they were seeing when visitors shared photos of the mammal that’s endangered in the state. “In 2010, this photo was taken and it was…

Northland College student looking through magnifying glass

Apostle Islands Detectives

Do natural occurring fires help or hurt vegetation in the Apostle Islands?

…the islands for years; Martin, assistant professor of natural resources, specializes in forestry. The answer to the park’s question is one piece of the puzzle needed for creating natural resource management policy in the Apostle Islands for co-managing fire, sensitive species, and wildlife. Canada yew, an evergreen shrub, is uniquely…

Great lakes Initiative Madeline Island Ferry Dock

Great Lakes Islands Summit, Madeline Island Fellowship Project

…Madeline Island’s fellow. In fall of 2018, Madeline Island will host the Great Lakes Islands Initiative Summit, a gathering for leaders from Great Lakes islands. The Steering Committee needs to shift their focus to planning for this event. The steering committee will be planning community listening sessions in 2018 to…

Pine marten

Carnivore Project Reveals Return of the Marten on Apostle Islands

An Apostle Islands collaborative carnivore diversity and abundance project between the National Park Service, Northland College, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison led to an unexpected surprise: the discovery of American marten on Stockton Island. The American marten is on Wisconsin’s endangered species list and not been sighted in the islands