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3on3 Basketball Tournament Survey

3 on 3 Tournament Give us your feedback. Northland College wants to know if you were satisfied with your 3 on 3 basketball tournament experience. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey and tell us how we did.Which division did you register for?*5/6 grade7/8 grade9/10 grade11/12 gradeOpen DivisionHow would you rate the facilities?ExcellentGoodAveragePoorVery

Softball Camp

The Northland College Softball Camp will focus on skills of pitching, catching, hitting, and defense. This camp is intended to help athletes build on skills and put their skills into action during small ball play.
Camps Objectives

Tea-Time with Les Alldritt

Mary Griggs Burke and Japanese Art

Northland College Professor of Religion and Philosophy Les Alldritt will lead a tea-time discussion at Forest Lodge near Cable July 18 at 2-3:30. Hosted by Northland College, Alldritt will be talking about Mary Griggs Burke’s interest in Japanese art, how that influence is expressed at Forest Lodge in the Japanese garden, and about her collection

Volleyball Survey

Middle & High School Volleyball skills development. Camp attended:*Ashland, WI: grades 6-8Ashland, WI: grades 9-12Hayward, WI: grades 6-8Hayward, WI: grades 9-12Was the camp fairly priced/affordable?YesNoWhen is the best time of day to hold the camp?MorningAfternoonBoth are OKHow much did you enjoy the camp experience?Rate 1 (low) – 10 (high)10987654321Did the coaches do a good job

Northland College Athletics

Hall of Fame

The Northland College Athletics Hall of Fame gives lasting recognition to those who have brought distinction to themselves and Northland through their achievement, commitment, sportsmanship, and leadership in athletics. View current Hall of Fame members. Nominations are now being accepted for the next induction. All nominations are rolling and a deadline will be determined when

carp jumping out of a lake

What’s With All the Carping?

Marvin Pertzik World Water Day Lecture

Molly Flanagan, vice president for policy at the Alliance for the Great Lakes in Chicago, will talk about the latest efforts to keep Asian carp and other exotic species from invading the Great Lakes.  Flanagan is the featured speaker of the annual Marvin Pertzik World Water Day Lecture which will take place on Thursday, March 21