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Planting the Seeds of Literature The Children’s and Young Adult Literature Conference is a symposium for educators, including public librarians, teachers, child care providers, parents, and college students enrolled in fields related to education. Held at Northland College, this conference will include keynote presentations, breakout sessions, networking time, book signing,…

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Financial Aid Policies

…also specifies the order in which funds are to be returned to the financial aid programs from which they were awarded, starting with loan programs. Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loans Subsidized Federal Stafford Loans Federal Perkins Loans Federal Parent (PLUS) Loans Federal Pell Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grants Other assistance under this…


Alumnus Karl ’04 oversees outdoor therapeutic program

Healing Through a Lense

…photography. Northwest Passage is a northern Wisconsin residential mental health treatment program for youth ages twelve-to-seventeen. The organization offers a diverse set of programs and comprehensive treatment led by a full team of professionals from direct care counselors to pediatric neuropsychologists. Two of these therapeutic programs—In a New Light and…

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Rental Information

…especially during residential programs. Adult leaders are responsible for the safety and supervision of their participants and must have on them Release of Liability forms for each participant. Pre and Post Check-In/Check-Out Room Inspections Northland College conducts pre- and post-group inspections for property inventory and room/facility damage. Check In and…

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Message to the Community: budget updates

…as an intercollegiate sport. Both programs will continue as club sports. Summer programs will shift to group programming at Forest Lodge. Individual high school and adult campus programs will be paused after this summer. The College will retain tuition and save on dues by discontinuing its affiliation with EcoLeague. Our…

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Get Involved

…analysis results are in and the outlook for Wisconsin’s loon population looks good. The adult loon population for 2010 was estimated at approximately 4,000 and chick population was estimated at approximately 600. This represents a significant adult population increase over the 3,373 adults and slight chick population decrease below the…

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Madeline Jarvis Is Creating the Friendliest Library in the World.

Madeline Jarvis ’13 manages the Marion Public Library’s adult and outreach services as part of their mission to be the friendliest library in the world. When she’s not working she’s volunteering, gardening, or canning endless salsa. In the remaining slivers of time, she wedding plans. career: Adult and Outreach services…

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Recreation Database

…recreational category (i.e., indoor, outdoor, youth programs, adult programs, and when appropriate, waterfront) using the following formula: Z-score = (Community Category Value) minus (Average of Community Category Value) / (Standard Deviation of Community Category Value) The population clusters were determined utilizing k-mean cluster analysis, which resulted in three distinct groups….

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Changing Lives

By MaryJo Gingras, Outreach Program Coordinator The Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute’s outreach programs instill a sense of wonder and inspire youth and adult participants through outdoor experiences. A million acres of forest and the largest freshwater lake in the world serve simultaneously as our classroom and playground. Campus-based sessions such…

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Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute

…region. We support North American conservation efforts by working with loon conservation organizations across the United States and Canada. Learn more. Youth Outreach Programs The Institute’s youth outreach programs nurture curiosity, compassion, and creativity by immersing participants in the wildness and wonder of nature. Through these experiences, youth engage mind,…