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TWA Responds to State Bill 602/AB712

…habitat—has the following concerns about this bill: 1) Discontinuing Wolf Population Data Gathering: Since the fall of 1979, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has continuously monitored the state’s wolf population. This longitudinal database has been essential for wolf conservation planning and management, including the establishment of wolf hunting and

Loon flying over a lake

Get Involved

Since 1978, LoonWatch’s Annual Lakes Monitoring Program has engaged an active volunteer network of Loon Rangers as its primary tool to collect critical long-term data on loons in northern Wisconsin. Working as population monitors and environmental educators, these volunteers have been the field force that has provided SOEI and WI…

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Back from the Brink of Extinction

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction and Recovery

…success. The biggest concern in the 1982 Mexican Wolf Recovery Plan was how to recover a species with only a few remnant wolves in captivity. Mexican wolf recovery could not depend on natural recovery like the Great Lakes population, or reintroduction of wild wolves from other wild populations like Yellowstone…

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Doug Smith: Lessons from Yellowstone

wolf packs. Wolf density in northern Yellowstone reached some of the highest levels recorded. This density led to many wolves being killed by other wolves. Each year (excluding disease to pups) wolf-wolf killing was the leading cause of mortality. This is unlike wolves that live in human dominated landscapes, where…

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Wolf Conservation in America’s National Parks

…graduate students, and current co-investigator John Vucetich have greatly expanded our understanding of wolf-prey dynamics and the importance of population size and connections to other wolf populations in order to maintain genetic viability. For all these studies, national parks have provided a unique mix of wildlands with low human influence,…

Adrian Wydeven

Wolf Biologist Adrian Wydeven to Head Timber Wolf Alliance

…Natural Resources as a wildlife biologist earlier this year after over thirty-two years working for the agency, and served on the Timber Wolf Alliance advisory council since 1990. He headed up the Wisconsin wolf recovery program that included intense monitoring of the state wolf population from 1990 through 2013. Northland

TWA Wolf Awareness Week poster by Bateman

TWA Selects Artwork for 2018 Wolf Awareness Week Poster

Canadian Artist Robert Bateman Featured

The Timber Wolf Alliance has selected Sierra Evening—Mexican Wolf by Canadian artist Robert Bateman for the 2018 Wolf Awareness Week poster, to be released later this year. This is Bateman’s second time as the featured artist; his painting, New Territory, was chosen for the 2008 poster. The Mexican Wolf was…