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Survey Says: Citizens Love It Here

social aspects of community, and their respective levels of attachment. Across all age groups, residents exhibit high levels of trust and civic engagement. However, residents forty years old and younger, and sixty-six and over, reported weak social ties. “Our data shows that social ties have a strong relationship with attachment,…

Northland College sociology class meets at cemetery to collect data.

Sociology and Social Justice

…or start work immediately. Our graduates have become professors, social workers, counselors, chefs, entrepreneurs, NGO workers, journalists, public policy experts, community activists, and labor organizers. Sociology and Social Justice Seek the fundamental truths. Sociology and Social Justice Major (BS) requirements Sociology and Social Justice Minor requirements Kevin Schanning Professor of…

Chaplain David Saetre at podium

“Nature Boy” Saetre Called Back for Encore

…it is the final lecture graduating seniors will hear at Northland College and it’s theoretically the last lecture the speaker would give knowing it may be his last. “However, my lecture is meant to be a postscript to a Northland education and also to a career of teaching about the…

Sigurd Olson Articles

good to be able to put them away for another year. The squirrels, I noticed, had discovered a way into the cabin, a little hole under the southwest corner of the eaves. They had worked their way in a good many times and had a good trail running over from…

Northland College Ponzio Campus Center in Fall

CARES Act Notification Archive

…2020 was as follows: Current full-time eligible students in good standing with an EFC score of 2856 or less will receive a grant of $900 Current full-time eligible students in good standing with an EFC score of 2857-5576 will receive a grant of $700 Current full-time eligible students in good

Ojibwe Coloring Books

Northland Grad Pens, Illustrates Ojibwe Coloring Books

WHSP Publishes Ojibwe Traditions

This winter, the Wisconsin Historical Society Press published its first children’s coloring book series, Ojibwe Traditions. The four books in the series contain pictures to color, stories, vocabulary, and often also include activities like word scrambles and mazes, to help kids learn more about Wisconsin’s American Indian — and specifically…

Student leaning on a tree


…History Humanities Humanity and Nature Studies Mathematical Sciences Music* Native American Studies Natural Resources Outdoor Education Philosophy* Physics* Pre-Health Care* Pre-Law* Pre-Ministry* Pre-Veterinary Medicine* Psychology Religious Studies Sociology and Social Justice Spanish* Sports Management* Studio Art* Sustainable Community Development Sustainable Business* Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems* Water Science Writing *…

Aerial shot of Ashland and Chequamegon Bay

Rural America: A Living Laboratory

Center for Rural Communities Bridging the Theory-Practice Divide

…completed the Roots in the Chequamegon Bay report, the first in a series of reports exploring the relationships between social capital and attachment to place. According to Hofstedt, this work aims to, “inform investment in social infrastructure that is often overlooked, but has the potential to attract and keep people…

Sigurd Olson Letters

…far as possible the shorelines we had mentioned. That was good news to me, particularly inasmuch as I knew firsthand exactly what would happen if this section was logged the way the rest has been. The above is very good on paper but what should be done is not to…

Glass of beer sitting next to Cabbie's Tap logo.

Ten-cent Taps, Lasting Romance & Ida's Special Sauce

…was nineteen or twenty and he was eighteen or nineteen. He ordered a beer and she ordered a pop. She didn’t have an ID and the bartender whether it was Ida or someone else wouldn’t serve her because she didn’t have an ID. That got a lot of good play…