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Northland College students doing field research.

Investigating Coastal Wetlands as "Nursery Habitats"

Burke Center Researchers College Data

…for Great Lakes fish and looking at what those young fish eat when they’re in the wetlands in the fall,” said Research Scientist Matthew Cooper. “It’s a great time to sample the wetlands because fish that hatched in the spring and summer are now big enough to catch with our…

Northland College students doing field research.

Focusing on the Environment, as a Discipline and as an Attraction

Chronicle of Higher Education Special Report of Geographic Diversity

In 2014, Matthew Cooper had what many newly minted faculty scientists dream of: his own laboratory and a generous start-up package at a public research university. Then he heard about an opening at a liberal-arts college in rural northern Wisconsin and decided to give it all up. Today, Cooper is…

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Nitrogen Pollution Concerns in Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands

By Matthew Cooper, Burke Center Research Scientist When it comes to nutrient loading to the Great Lakes, it’s usually phosphorus that makes headlines. The algal blooms that plague western Lake Erie and the “dead zone” that forms in Green Bay, for example, are linked to excessive phosphorus runoff from agricultural…

Northland student research

Research Showcase

Seth W. Davenport, Tyrease “TJ” James, and Dr. Jonathan G. Marti