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wolf laying down

Learn About Wolves

…in from other states.,4570,7-350-79135_79218_79619-292026–,00.html#Michigan%20History Wolves will devastate the deer herd. False. The deer herd in WI and MI (UP) is very large. Wolves approximately each eat 15-19 deer. According to the DNRs, approximately 300,000-600,000 deer are hunted each year in each state. This is 15 times more than…

Instructor Kate Ullman teaches class.

Northland First in Sustainable Curriculum

…of Sustainability in Higher Education. The AASHE Sustainable Campus Index recognizes top-performing colleges and universities in seventeen sustainability impact areas. “What we’re doing here is one of the best kept secrets in higher ed,” said Kate Ullman, director of sustainability. “Dedicated staff, faculty and students are tackling climate change, challenging…

Graduates celebration at commencement

Consumer Information

…complaints regarding alleged fraudulent or abusive practices by a college or university in the delivery of postsecondary academic programs and activities, including, for example, fraud or false advertising. Complaints may be filed with the Division in written or electronic form by accessing the following link: The Office of the…

Northland College campus.

President Karl I. Solibakke

…first in sustainable curriculum in the AASHE Sustainable Campus Index for its acclaimed degree programs and nationally recognized learning outcomes, all of which are predicated on living laboratories, immersive learning experiences, literacies around sustainability, and curricular diversity. We offer a broad array of exciting degree programs, each of which merges…