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IJC Releases Recommendations

Lake Superior Has Seen At Least 5 Blooms In The Last Decade

…700 people found nearly half disagreed with that assessment. The Great Lakes provide more than 20 percent of the world’s fresh water. They are a source of drinking water for up to 40 million people, according to the IJC. Other Articles from IJC Press Conference: Buffalo News: IJC urges focus…

Northland College student Emma Holtan

The Chequamegon Bay Region Spoke and the IJC Listened

Emma Holtan ’20, For the Daily Press In September of 2019, the Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation hosted a conference with the International Joint Commission (IJC). The purpose was to give local experts and the public an opportunity to share their water quality concerns for Lake Superior and…

Image of Flooding Globe and Mail

What did we learn from 2017’s floods in Quebec and Ontario?

Inside the politics of water

…Blanchard, a Canadian who admitted he, too, was looking after his own interests last winter as he worried about the sand on his beach washing away. To counteract local self-interest, Canada and the United States created the International Joint Commission (IJC) in 1909, an independent agency to regulate shared water…

Water Summit

…Lake Superior and how these concerns relate to the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. The IJC is a Canadian-United States treaty organization that seeks to prevent and resolve issues facing the two countries’ boundary waters. IJC commissioners were seeking the public’s views on the health of Lake Superior and the…

Northland student Emma Holtan conducts research

A Chance to Speak for Lake Superior

Burke Center to Host IJC Public Listening Session Sept 25

Emma Holtan, Burke Center Research Assistant Ashland Daily Press Column Burke Center to Host IJC Public Listening Session Sept 25 Three years ago, I arrived at Northland College’s campus, largely because Lake Superior’s magic had long attracted me to its shores. By my first week living along Chequamegon Bay, I…

IJC-Val Presentation

How’s the Weather? Well, it’s complicated.

Midwestern Past Time Takes a Serious Turn as Storms Increase

…Joint Commissions’ Great Lakes listening tour. Local experts shared their concerns with the IJC about the state of the south shore of Lake Superior, and how these concerns relate to the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, the IJC’s key water quality instrument for protecting and improving the Great Lakes. The…

Two paddle boarders on Lake Superior

International Joint Commission Coming to Northland

…two countries’ boundary waters. The six new IJC commissioners are currently traveling around the Great Lakes seeking input on water quality concerns. For Lake Superior, they are stopping in Thunder Bay, Duluth, and their last and final session will be in Ashland. The IJC seeks participants’ views on the progress…


What the Climate’s ‘New Normal’ Is Doing to Lake Superior

…a while back at Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin. The sessions were organized for the benefit of the International Joint Commission, a binational treaty organization created more than a century ago to advise U.S. and Canadian governments on transboundary water issues. This year the IJC has been conducting a “listening…


Binational Commission Hears Concerns About The Great Lakes

International Joint Commission Listens As Campus and Community Detail Issues Threatening Water Quality

…Great Lakes at a public meeting held by the International Joint Commission. The event Wednesday hosted at Northland College in Ashland was among a handful of meetings held by the International Joint Commission (IJC) across the Great Lakes. The meetings are part of an effort by the joint United States-Canadian…


WPR: Report Recommends Rewrite of Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

White Paper Suggest More Holistic Approach to Water Quality Management

…of the agreement has shifted with emerging concerns across the lakes, according to Sally Cole-Misch, public affairs officer with the International Joint Commission (IJC). The binational commission is tasked with monitoring progress by both governments to accomplish goals set forth under the agreement. Cole-Misch said the commission will be including…