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Northland College alum Tina Ramme in the field in Kenya

Conserving Big Cats

…to a stable lion population—even after they’ve been ousted from a pride. Q. Have any of these findings helped in any way in conservation and/or restoration efforts? A. The key to a sustainable and healthy lion population is including local people as partners, not adversaries. Habitat restoration has become a…


November 28, 2023

…matching funds available to DOUBLE the impact of your gift. Your support will go even further in making a difference in the lives of our students and the communities they serve. Here’s what you can look forward to and how to get involved: Show YOUR Northland Pride: Rock your orange…

GLWC director Mic Isham on panel discussion at Northland College

Isham heads Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission

…dozen years on the GLIFWC Board of Commissioners and on the Voigt Intertribal Task Force. He coaches basketball, football, and baseball and founded the LCO Boys and Girls Club in 1995—something he considers one of his shining achievements. He’s watched those kids turn into police officers and professionals and continues…

Northland College student in the snow

4th Wall Resurrected

To Premiere Almost Maine Nov 11

…of these relationships to include many forms of LGBTQ+ [identities]. I think this was a very good choice for this community, and the cast is really enjoying not being confined to traditional ‘male’ and ‘female’ roles,” Loucks said. The play is unique for other reasons as well. “We have a…

wolf head

TWA Responds to State Bill 602/AB712

Dear Sponsors of SB602/AB712, Members of the Committee on Sporting Heritage, Mining and Forestry, and Members of the Committee on Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage, As you know, SB602/AB712 proposes to discontinue funding for wolf management and to make it illegal for state law enforcement officers to enforce laws related…

Northland College theatre group, the Fourth Wall, perform The Mousetrap

'Mousetrap' will keep you guessing

…congenial. Mrs. Boyle snipes at the Ralstons for not having a “proper staff.” Wren’s child-like antics grate on Giles. Paravicini’s crazy rants have everyone curious. But when local police Sargent Trotter (Jake Anderson) skis through the storm to question the guests about a murder, the mood changes from simple irritation…