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Privacy Policy

…Personal Data. Data Processors (or Service Providers) Data Processor (or Service Provider) means any natural or legal person who processes the data on behalf of the Data Controller. We may use the services of various Service Providers in order to process your data more effectively. Data Subject (or User) Data

Tulips outside of Ponzio Campus Center

Privacy Policy

Northland College is aware that the security of your private information from the use of our website is an important concern. We take the protection of your personal data very seriously and demonstrate a strong commitment to online privacy. In acknowledgment of that commitment, we have adopted a comprehensive policy…

Northland College student collects data for bat research

Monitoring Bats by Sound

The Great Lakes Inventory and Monitoring Network Employs Students for Bat Research

…double check what’s already been entered, re-entering corrected data when needed. “I took this job because I’ve had some field experience in natural resources but have never been on the data-entering-side of research,” said Hermus. “It’s really important to ensure the overall quality of the data because it will be…

Loon flying over a lake

Get Involved

…potential threats to the nest site. In fall, data is sent to LoonWatch where it is entered into their database and shared with the WI DNR for management decision-making. Loon Rangers also help protect loons by spreading the word to their neighbors and other lake users to steer clear of…

Aerial shot of Ashland and Chequamegon Bay

Rural America: A Living Laboratory

Center for Rural Communities Bridging the Theory-Practice Divide

…find themselves wishing they had better data to both understand local concerns and needs, and to identify unique opportunities for community-driven development. To remedy this data void, the sustainable community development faculty established the CRC provides research and consultation services, and support data-driven development and programming in the region. “Other…

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Research Oversight

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews research studies to protect the rights of participants. The Northland College IRB requires that all investigators conducting research with human participants complete training with the National Institute of Health. If you have questions, please email the IRB….

Four Northland College students sit in a boat with survey equipment

The Life Aquatic of the Penokee Hills

Students Survey Fish Populations

…turtle. Mader notes the prominence of bluegill in her samples. It’s their spawning season—something that will impact her data set, one reason she’ll back for more data in the fall. “Spawning bluegills act more aggressive and move closer to shore to lay their eggs,” Mader said. Originally from Park Falls,…