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Survey Says: Citizens Love It Here

social aspects of community, and their respective levels of attachment. Across all age groups, residents exhibit high levels of trust and civic engagement. However, residents forty years old and younger, and sixty-six and over, reported weak social ties. “Our data shows that social ties have a strong relationship with attachment,…

CUUF: The Healing Power of Restorative Justice

February 11, 10:00 am11:30 am

…Healing Power of Restorative Justice.” About the Message Across the country, communities, organizations, and schools are attempting to move away from punitive approaches to justice toward restorative approaches that center on healing, repair, and reciprocity. In this talk, Northland College Professor of Education Dani O’Brien will share lessons from the…

Northland College sociology class meets at cemetery to collect data.

Sociology and Social Justice

Sociology and social justice will give you access to core issues and to fundamental truths about society and culture and the tools for understanding these issues. The faculty emphasizes statistics, field research methods, and sociological concepts in their classes every day. Some classes involve group projects, panel presentations, and outreach…

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“Nature Boy” Saetre Called Back for Encore

…it is the final lecture graduating seniors will hear at Northland College and it’s theoretically the last lecture the speaker would give knowing it may be his last. “However, my lecture is meant to be a postscript to a Northland education and also to a career of teaching about the…

Sigurd Olson Articles

Some of these articles were published in 1951 in North Country Magazine. Sigurd also wrote a couple of hundred short sketches for newspapers; he wrote a few between 1937 and 1939, but most were from 1940 to 1943, and were syndicated to a number of newspapers, mostly in the Midwest….

Ojibwe Coloring Books

Northland Grad Pens, Illustrates Ojibwe Coloring Books

WHSP Publishes Ojibwe Traditions

This winter, the Wisconsin Historical Society Press published its first children’s coloring book series, Ojibwe Traditions. The four books in the series contain pictures to color, stories, vocabulary, and often also include activities like word scrambles and mazes, to help kids learn more about Wisconsin’s American Indian — and specifically…

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…in groups for meaningful social change, and studying how people form political attitudes and make choices. Ultimately, psychology will prepare you to understand and analyze the social and psychological processes at work in any field of study or practical endeavor. Upon graduating, you’ll be ready to apply your knowledge and…