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Northland College student Andy Kasun stands with his winning academic poster

Burke Center Student Researchers Take Top Prizes

Kasun and Ulman Showcase Freshwater Research at AGU

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) awarded Northland College senior Andy Kasun first place and senior Marisa Ulman honorable mention in the undergraduate category at the Spring 2018 Virtual Poster Showcase. The event featured sixty-seven presenters from countries around the world showcasing their research and contributions to the fields of earth and space science. Kasun presented…

Great Lakes Water Wars book by Peter Annin at Northland College

The Battles That Shaped Great Lakes Water Politics


Two centuries of urbanization and industrialization around the Great Lakes have often hinged on tension among those who’ve desired their extraordinary supplies of fresh water. The lakes and the surrounding watershed contain nearly one-fifth of the surface freshwater on earth, and currently about 40 million people in the United States and Canada use their waters….

Great Lakes

OpEd: Foxconn: A new chapter in the Great Lakes Water Wars

By Peter Annin, for the Journal Sentinel On April 25, 1998, a newspaper in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario published a story that changed Great Lakes history forever. “Sault company given OK to sell Lake Superior water to Asia,” the headline read. The Nova Group, a small Canadian consulting firm, had quietly received a permit to…

Great Lakes

Chicago Tribune: Foxconn finds way to stick 7 million-gallon straw into Lake Michigan

By Michael Hawthorne, Chicago Tribune Great Lakes states are so zealous about guarding their increasingly valuable natural resource from thirsty outsiders that all eight of the region’s governors had to sign off before an inland Wisconsin city was allowed to siphon water out of Lake Michigan. Less than a year after Waukesha secured permission to…

Northland College students doing field research.

Investigating Coastal Wetlands as "Nursery Habitats"

Burke Center Researchers College Data

As part of a collaborative research project with fisheries scientists from around the Great Lakes, Northland College Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation researchers set nets in the Fish Creek Sloughs last month to collect data on young fish. “The project is investigating how coastal wetlands are ‘nursery habitats’ for Great Lakes fish and…

Asian Carp

Chicago Tribune: They're voracious, nonnative and getting closer to the Great Lakes.

Latest Asian carp discovery is a cause for worry By Michael Hawthorne, Chicago Tribune A commercial fisherman pulled a live Asian carp out of a northern Illinois river last week about 9 miles from Lake Michigan, prompting a furious dragnet to determine whether more of the voracious fish have evaded electric barriers designed to keep…

Apostle Islands

PBS News Hour: Trump's proposed budget would gut Great Lakes cleanup

a ‘game-changer’ for the region By Michael D. Regan, PBS News Hour The Great Lakes region could lose $300 million in annual federal funding under a budget proposal released Thursday by the White House that would impose drastic cuts to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a promise made by President Donald Trump during his campaign, and…

Northland College water researcher Matt Cooper presents at White House

Cooper Presents at Obama White House on Coastal Wetlands

Matt Cooper, research scientist at the Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation, presented his research on the Great Lakes coastal wetlands on November 17 at the White House. His research and presentation are part of the Resilient Lands and Waters Initiative. The roundtable coincided with the release of a national report by Obama’s Council on Environmental…


Chicago Tribune: Under Trump budget, Great Lakes projects may sink

BY PETER ANNIN, Co-director of the Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation For the Chicago Tribune Has President Donald Trump drifted off-course in Great Lakes politics? The question comes from the news that Trump plans to slash Great Lakes improvement funding by 97 percent. According to a budget document obtained by the National Association of Clean Air Agencies,…