• Stephanie Red Cloud Muise

Northland is proud to be the home of more than 200 Native American alumni. Northland features these alumni in our Wall of Honor and an annual dinner.

Wall of Honor

Northland honors individuals from Native American and other indigenous communities who have been inspired to attend the College to further their education to aid in the survival of our cultures. These Northland College alumni are featured in Mead Hall with a photo on the Wall of Honor. This display is free and open to the public. Please email us if you would like to arrange a tour.

If you are a Native American alumnus and would like to be featured on our wall, please connect with us.

Native American Alumni Dinner & Social

This annual dinner is held right before the annual Spring Powwow and brings together past and present Native American Student Association members as well as Native American alumni to share and receive updates on the ICC and Northland College, in addition to sharing individual stories of success and encouragement. To learn more about this event, contact ICC for details.