In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly designated March 22 as World Water Day, a day of international observance and opportunity to learn more about water related issues, be inspired to tell others, and take action to make a difference. Each year a theme is...  Read More
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Northland College students doing field research.

Investigating Coastal Wetlands as “Nursery Habitats”

As part of a collaborative research project with fisheries scientists from around the Great Lakes, Northland College Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation researchers set nets in the Fish Creek Sloughs last month to collect data on young fish. “The project is investigating how...  Read More
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7 Recommended Reads for World Water Day

By Peter Annin, Codirector of the Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation and author of The Great Lakes Water Wars. 1. Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water, Marc Reisner (1993) The definitive history of water resources in the American West, and...  Read More
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kayaking students

Lake Superior is the Classroom

By Beth Dooley, For the Star Tribune Updated: September 5, 2014 “Everyone has a listening point somewhere. It does not have to be in the north or even close to the wilderness, but some place of quiet where the universe can be contemplated with awe.”...  Read More
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Northland student in the lab

Research Experience Lands Weir His Dream Job

As a Northland College student, Andrew Weir felt like he was gaining valuable experiences in his geosciences major, but knew that in order to pursue a career in environmental consulting he would need something more substantial on his resume to stand out amongst other applicants....  Read More
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Northland College holds carp from coastal wetlands survey.

Visit Us

Next to your major, location is one of the most important factors in your college selection. Northland has a location like nowhere else on Earth. We are surrounded by a million acres of forest and the largest freshwater lake in the world. These amazing natural...  Read More
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Kraft to Speak on Wisconsin Groundwater Issues

Dr. George Kraft, a professor of water resources and director of the Center for Watershed Science and Education, will be the keynote speaker for World Water Day, Wednesday March 22 at 7 p.m., at the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute. Kraft will be presenting, “Tense Times in Wisconsin Ground Water…  Read More

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Student at poster session.

Welnetz: Science and the Back Country

For some, being stranded on Lake Superior in a boat with two broken motors is reasonable cause for alarm. However, for graduating senior Jordan Welnetz it was “just another day at the office” and a prime opportunity to enjoy the lake she loves. “We didn’t…  Read More

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Northland College staff working in stream

Researchers Create Model for the Great Lakes

The White House Council on Environmental Quality last year identified seven important landscapes for conservation and restoration, naming among others the Hawaiian Islands, Washington’s Puget Sound, the Florida Everglades and a section of the Great Lakes — a 6.3 million-acre stretch of coastal wetlands from…  Read More

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Stockton Island

Will Waukesha Get a Rewrite?

PETER ANNIN, Journal Sentinel In 1998, an Ontario consulting firm known as the Nova Group announced a controversial plan to ship 158 million gallons of azure Lake Superior water to Asia. The idea: create a global market for pristine Great Lakes water. To regional governors…  Read More

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Northland alum fish geneticist holds up fish

Ackerman Brothers Pursue Fish Biology, Genetics

Nick ’00 and Mike ’04 Ackerman grew up on a small dairy farm six miles away from their hometown of Pecatonica, Illinois. With panoramic views of fields, neither of them ever expected they would wind up dedicating their lives to the rivers and fish of…  Read More

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Northland College student

Self-Directed Research Creates Pathway to Grad School

Elizabeth Alexson’s self-directed student research positions with the Northland College Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation fast-tracked her from graduating Northland College in 2013 to graduate studies at the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD), where she is currently pursuing her master’s degree in water…  Read More

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Northland College student Kim Oldenborg measures water on a stream.

Oldenborg headed for future in water

For senior Kim Oldenborg, water is more than a life-sustaining resource. Water is her inspiration—academically, personally, and professionally. Initially attracted to Northland College for its proximity to Lake Superior, Oldenborg was excited to begin working as a research technician for the Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater…  Read More

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Peter Annin at beach

World Water Day: Writing Wisconsin’s Waterways

From memories of lazy Sundays floating down the Wolf River in an inner tube to tales of toxic chemicals flowing freely into the Fox, the stories we tell about water in Wisconsin shape the ways we understand our most precious natural resource. Two beloved writers…  Read More

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aerial view of campus

$3.9M Awarded to Fund Great Lakes Research

By Raeanna Marnati, Fox 21 News The University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute announced a $3.9 million grant that will fund 19 Great Lakes research, education and outreach projects, including two projects at Northland College in Ashland. The first Northland College project will be lead by…  Read More

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Great Lakes map

Buffalo News Editorial: Battle is brewing

BY PETER ANNIN, Special to The Buffalo News In 1990, the small town of Lowell, Ind., made Great Lakes water history by proposing to divert 1 million gallons of water per day outside the Great Lakes watershed. Under the rules at the time, any water…  Read More

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Annin Judges Our Waters, Our Future Writing Contest

MADISON — Two of Wisconsin’s literary leaders will help decide the winner of the Our Waters, Our Future writing contest. Peter Annin, journalist and author of Great Lakes Water Wars, and Fabu, as Madison’s third poet laureate is professionally known, have agreed to help select…  Read More

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student with water samples

Brainstorming Beach Warnings

Three years ago, the City of Ashland collaborated with Northland College to have researchers and students collect water samples, test for E. coli at city beaches, and post advisories when necessary. But one year into the project, said Professor Randy Lehr, researchers noted that the…  Read More

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Student and professor in wetland

Chasing Dragonflies for Science

Senior Joe Fitzgerald been involved in graduate level research for the last four years at Northland College, leading plankton research in Chequamegon Bay, developing a phytoplankton catalog, and studying silver carp in the in the Mississippi. The first two have earned him the name The Plankton…  Read More

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Research in lake

Q & A with Water Researcher Randy Lehr

Since 2010, Randy Lehr has been the Bro professor of sustainable regional development, leading and directing students, faculty, and staff in the field and in the classroom. In August, Lehr became the codirector of the Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation. Q. Is it true…  Read More

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Fish Creek flowing into Chequamegon Bay

Researchers Prep region for Climate Change

By Marie Zhuikov, Wisconsin Sea Grant Science Communicator Intense storms this fall breached a barge connection system in the Ashland, Wis. harbor, designed to protect the Northern States Power Superfund site. Soil and groundwater at the site are contaminated with tar, oil, metals and other…  Read More

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