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Through partnerships and collaborations, the CRC works with community organizations, policy makers, tribal governments, and private businesses to support strategic, data-driven community programming and development.

Check out the work we are currently doing below. If you are interested in having us help with a project, we want to hear from you. Connect with us by email or call 715-682-1282 to see how we can support your work.

Social Capital Project

In partnership with community leaders across the Chequamegon Bay, this project aims to provide a baseline assessment of social capital measures for communities in the Bay area including Bad River, Ashland, Washburn, Bayfield, La Pointe, and Red Cliff. This project is funded by the Duluth-Superior Community Foundation.

Roots in Chequamegon Bay Report

Local Foods Survey

This study investigates local foods perceptions, knowledge, and preferences to identify opportunities for workforce and economic development. This project was funded by the Northwest Wisconsin Concentrated Employment Program, Inc. and the Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board through the Skills Wisconsin Workforce Innovation Fund.

Local Foods Survey Final Report

Northland College Athletic Study

At the request of the Northland College president, the CRC collected data from four Northland College groups—students, faculty, staff, and alumni—in order to capture the campus culture and experience, as well as attitudes surrounding increased athletic programming on campus and the prospect of a football program.

Northland College Athletic Study

Maslowski Beach Project

This study measures drivers of risky and non-risky swimming behavior at Maslowski beach to inform effective warning systems to maximize public health and minimize beach users’ contact with potentially polluted waters. This study is funded by a Wisconsin Coastal Management Program (WCMP) award to the City of Ashland Parks and Recreation Department.

Lake Stakeholder Surveys

In partnership with the Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation, this project aims to inform the development of an effective lake management plan based on understanding how different stakeholders interact with, and affect lake ecosystems in northern Wisconsin. This project is funded by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and connected with the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute.

Ashland and Bayfield Counties Food Survey

This report summarizes the results of a household mail survey across Ashland and Bayfield Counties as part of the first phase of a four-year research study that aims to strengthen the local food economy and improve access to healthy food. The project is supported by an Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Competitive Grant from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture. 

Ashland and Bayfield Counties Food Survey Report