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Northland College offers a variety of academic resources to support your success. In addition to taking advantage of our faculty’s teaching and advising, you can augment your academic work through the services listed below. Students who have used these resources have consistently and highly recommended them.

Tutorial Services

You may seek a tutor in a variety of disciplines and it is as easy as meeting with one of the peer tutoring coordinators. Seeking a tutor early in the semester is recommended so you can establish a regular meeting schedule, develop your skills, and receive the cumulative and beneficial effects that result from ongoing sessions.

Writing Services

We help you with all kinds of writing at all stages of the process, from hardly begun until almost done. Northland offers free feedback on, and help with, your writing no matter what the discipline. Take advantage and improve your writing skills!

Math Assistance

In a math class and looking for help? Stuck on that problem you just can’t solve. Our math aids will assist and support your learning at all levels of mathematics. Keeping up-to-date on your math work will help you excel as a student. We offer several opportunities to meet with the mathematics tutors who hold regular tutoring hours throughout the week (and the opportunity to schedule one-on-one appointments).

Research assistance

The library provides assistance in searching for articles, books, and other scholarly information for your research papers and projects. Visit the library to learn more.

Disabilities Assistance

Students with documented disabilities may be provided with a variety of academic support services. Available services include in-class note takers, readers, extended exam times, and more. Visit disability services for more detailed information.