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From freshman year to graduation, you’ll get hands-on experience in the lab, the field, and the classroom. Our internship program connects you to the best work experiences for your needs and in your field. Dive into new experiences that will help clarify career goals, build skills, and expand your network and resume. Internships give you a competitive advantage for graduate school, and in some cases, lead to post graduation job offers.

The Office of Applied Learning is available to assist with focusing your interests, finding the right fit, and answering any questions you might have. We’ll help you find an opportunity that fits your professional goals.

Field Experiences & Internships

A field experience or internship is a way to gain practical, hands-on work experience in a particular field of interest. You may pursue such opportunities locally or elsewhere and may receive pay for your experiences. Diverse opportunities to gain experience are available in the local Chequamegon Bay region with state and federal governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, businesses, tribal governments, municipalities, and more.

Research & Teaching Assistants

Because of our small class sizes and unique location, you can participate in graduate level research as an undergrad. That’s something few other institutions can offer. As research assistants, you perform laboratory or survey research under the direction of a faculty member on an issue, topic, or project that the faculty member is investigating.

With approval from the instructor, you may serve as a teaching or research assistant for a course. As a teaching assistant, you work with instructors in classroom activities, student training, or material preparation for a course in which you have particularly strong skills or experience.

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