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Get ready to dive into the art and craft of writing fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction—from introductory courses to advanced workshops. In addition to writing, we believe you need to understand the underpinnings of literary traditions to develop as a serious writer, so expect to take literature courses as part of this major.

We fully immerse you not only in how to write but how to present your work. Northland is home to a vibrant community of writers—students, staff, and faculty publish their writing, regularly give public readings, and work with visiting writers who conduct workshops and read at the College. In fact, this region boasts five independent and active bookstores and a regional literary journal—plus two spoken word open mic nights per month and a larger annual literary event.

You will have ample opportunities to publish and to read in public settings. The student-run newspaper, Drifts, is managed and written by students. Our undergraduate literary journal, Mosaic, is another outlet for publishing and for finding audiences for both creative writing and journalism. You will take your studies beyond the classroom through internships and career-related jobs and you will leave campus with a strong portfolio.

Our graduates go on to become journalists and authors, to write for magazines, and to lead communication departments. They work in public relations, marketing, technical writing, and teaching. You will graduate from Northland College ready to pursue any career that requires effective communicators, accomplished readers, and skilled writers.

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