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Whether you aspire to be an activist, planner, or advocate, the sustainable community development (SCD) program presents you with the toolbox to create effective community change.

Our SCD major is one of the first of its kind in the nation. Through an interdisciplinary approach we examine the three pillars of sustainability—environmental, social, and economic—in a comprehensive and holistic manner, melding the concepts of community organizing, urban/rural/regional planning, local and international economic development, and ecological restoration.

Innovative interdisciplinary courses introduce you to the theory and practice of sustainable community development. Outside of the classroom you have the opportunity to apply theory, acquire additional skills, and gain work and research experience through volunteering, internships, study-abroad opportunities, and employment in the Center for Rural Communities.

The SCD major’s disciplinary range makes it attractive to employers in a variety of sectors. Past graduates have found immediate employment in governmental services, environmental consulting, urban and rural land-use planning, economic development, community development, business, and sustainability director positions. Coursework and applied research experience prepares students for graduate programs in sustainable development, public policy, agriculture, land use and transportation planning, and business as well as other more traditional programs in the social sciences and humanities.

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