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Sociology and social justice will give you access to core issues and to fundamental truths about society and culture and the tools for understanding these issues. The faculty emphasizes statistics, field research methods, and sociological concepts in their classes every day. Some classes involve group projects, panel presentations, and outreach to surrounding communities.

Our faculty believes that exposing students to the activities of professional sociologists are important learning experiences that give encouragement and a sense of ownership to the major.

You can expect to accompany faculty to professional meetings where you will participate in student panels and learn from faculty and students from other colleges and universities as they present their research projects and findings.

We also value learning from travel/study projects and have in the recent past taken students to far-flung places, such as the rain forests of Mexico and Australia, the temple cities of Japan, and the native-run islands of New Zealand. In these adventures, we emphasize learning about the local cultures and institutions through observations, interpretation, and writing. You will leave this program highly educated, and capable of understanding diverse people.

You will either go on to pursue graduate training, or start work immediately. Our graduates have become professors, social workers, counselors, chefs, entrepreneurs, NGO workers, journalists, public policy experts, community activists, and labor organizers.

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