• Religion professor teaching a class

Religious studies will prepare you for most anything. This is an incredible opportunity to explore your most deeply held convictions with mentorship and support of your peers. You will engage in fundamental questions of human knowledge, morality, and faith utilizing an interdisciplinary approach that includes philosophy.

This major attracts the best and the brightest, the movers and the shakers who step into leadership roles on campus and beyond. We emphasize global faith perspectives and seek to foster critical thinking, engage a broad spectrum of ideas, and develop strong written and oral expression. You will engage in a free exchange of ideas and a strong emphasis on group discussion.

Devoted faculty doing original research will mentor you in your scholarship. You will have an opportunity to travel with faculty to Italy, Japan, and Germany to dig even deeper into religious philosophies. This major offers great flexibility. Our graduates pursue seminary—one of our graduates is now one of the youngest pastors in Connecticut—and graduate school.

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