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Seminaries and divinity schools encourage a solid, broad liberal arts course of study as the best preparation for success at the graduate level. You will work closely with your advisor to determine the best course of study for the denomination and seminary of choice.

You will have the opportunity to shape your studies to fit your future goals. For example, if you are interested in outdoor and camping ministries, you could take advantage of the college¹s strong program in outdoor education combined with general studies in the humanities and in religion. If you are interested in parish ministry, you should select a major in the humanities or the social sciences with additional course work in religion.

You will develop critical thinking and communication skills as you prepare for graduate seminary studies. These skills include analytical thinking, clear and concise writing, critical reading, oral communication, independent research, and task management. You will further enhance your success by developing your knowledge of intellectual history, including religion and philosophy.

We provide courses and mentorship that will help you grow intellectually and personally‹courses that challenge your heart as well as your mind—in order develop the depth of character and the appreciation of others that ministry requires.

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