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This major mixes the liberal arts with the environmental crunchiness that so many students want. With humanity and nature studies, you can craft your major from a menu of courses—from the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences to create a major that matches your interests.

Your studies combine the cultural with the natural to shape well-rounded individuals ready to engage in issues like global climate change. During your four years, you will develop a sophisticated understanding of how humans continue to conceive, construct, and fulfill their relationships to the natural world.

Upon completion, you will be prepared for graduate or professional studies in fields such as environmental law and environmental humanities, the Peace Corps, or for a variety of environmentally focused careers in business, education (“green teaching” before and afterschool programs), government, industry, advertising, public policy, community planning, nature therapy, or the non-profit sector.

Students majoring in humanity and nature studies can choose from three emphases: global cultural perspectives, leadership and a new future, or reviving a natural history.

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