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At Northland, the study of history is more than just memorizing a string of names and dates; it’s the study of life. We like to treat history a bit like detective work, bringing in primary documents for you to analyze—to piece together clues about how people who lived in different times and different places understood their world, thought about their environment, government, war, class, race, gender, family, religion, technology, and the economy.

You will learn how things interact, and the lessons of history to help you to navigate the world you live in. You will be far better equipped to understand how changes in the economy will impact your life, how gender roles affect everything from elections to work environments, and what ripple effects new technologies will have in society.We’ve helped facilitate internships with regional agencies. Our students have worked with the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, the Wisconsin Historical Society, the Minnesota Historical Society, the Ashland Historical Society, and various regional museums. One student spent a summer documenting the history of the Minnesota State Fair.

Through coursework and internships, you will learn how to read critically, write clearly and authoritatively, and think comprehensively about the course of human events. You will leave Northland wiser about how the world works and with a set of skills that can take you wherever you want to go.

Our history graduates have gone on to pursue careers in journalism, writing, advertising, ministry, diplomacy, law, technical writing, ministry, public relations, public administration, and non-profit work as well as graduate studies in history, law, and international relations.

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