• Professor Tom Fitz leading geology course.

To understand the Earth you need to study its minerals, rocks, soils, and landscapes in many different settings. You have to study it at all scales too, from vast landscapes to microscopic soil particles. You have to interact with it through hands-on experiences in labs and on field trips. That is exactly what you get in the geology program at Northland. The faculty love getting out in the field with students, and when they can’t go out, they bring the field into the classroom through maps, rock samples, slides, and stories.

You’ll learn how the Earth works and how society interacts with it. You’ll learn how fundamentally important our relationship with the Earth is and how geology influences all ecosystems. Delve into the remarkable history of the Earth, the rocks of which it is composed, and the physical, chemical, and biological changes that the Earth is continually undergoing. Northland’s geology program gives you a thorough understanding of how the physical earth—its minerals, rocks, soils, water, landscapes—form the foundation on which all ecosystems exist.

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