This is your chance to explore the significance of gender—as well as other categories of identity—in social structures around the world.

Gender and women’s studies at Northland is distinguished by its interdisciplinary nature. You will be taking courses in biology, philosophy, history, religion, sociology, sustainable community development, and outdoor education—all disciplines that raise similar questions regarding gender and will help you achieve an understanding of the complexity of the world.

You will explore questions such as how women and men learn and perform gender; how gender is constructed and represented through language, individual behavior, and social and cultural institutions; how ideas of gender and gender roles have influenced human interactions with the natural world; and how people can recognize and work to transform the gender ideologies that shape our knowledge and action.

Our students graduate with the experience of applied research in action. For example, with guidance from faculty, one student turned a five-page paper on ecofeminism into a ten-page one for an academic conference and then into a twenty-five-page capstone project.

Our students participate in volunteer opportunities and internships, many of them at women’s shelters. Graduates leave ready for graduate school and for employment in a variety of professions.

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