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Expect to go way beyond the periodic table with this major. You will get a broad scientific background that provides a solid foundation in chemistry, math, and physics.

You will also get into the lab. You will be encouraged to take part in student-faculty collaborative research or to pursue an off-campus experience such as an internship or research experience for undergraduate opportunities. We have students working on original research and publishing in high level peer-reviewed journals.

At Northland, we are looking for solutions to complex global problems, and chemistry provides a critical key to the answer.

We believe the only path to these solutions is an educated population who understand how our individual actions impact the environment. In this department, we also believe that answers require more advanced chemical technologies to improve our energy efficiency and reduce our environmental impact.

This major will thoroughly prepare you for graduate school and for many different career paths related to addressing environmental and energy crises. Some of these options include working in industry, government agencies, medicine, law, policy, and many more. The hands-on coursework of the chemistry major prepares students for such diverse futures and applied careers.

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