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You will have the opportunity to pursue two very different fields within business—business management and sustainable entrepreneurship. Both majors share a core of courses that provide you with a foundational understanding of economics, finance, management, marketing, and social responsibility.

Business Management major

In short, this major will prepare you for a job. You will further develop your understanding and skills in management and strategic planning necessary for the modern business world. You will have the opportunity to participate in the Cooperative Education Internship Program to explore careers in small business, industry, and government while earning college credit. In four years, you will be prepared to pursue a career in accounting, small business, and management. View Business Management Major (B.S.) course list.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship major

Sustainable entrepreneurship is about tapping into consumers wanting to take responsibility for their health and for society. More and more entrepreneurs have started businesses based on increased scientific evidence about the effects of ecological disruption on human populations—changes that are disruptive to the business environment and global society.

In this major, you will build on the basics of entrepreneurship and ecological and social concerns through the creation of new enterprises and innovation in existing enterprises. Through coursework and case studies, you will learn to recognize change by understanding that the consuming public is becoming increasingly concerned about these challenges to a sustainable world and to recognize market opportunities for sustainability-focused businesses. You will leave college prepared to enter the world of socially responsible startups. View Sustainable Entrepreneurship Major (B.S.) course list.

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