• Student holding turtle

As part of the biology major, you should plan on packing a pair of hiking boots and a lab coat. You’ll be in the field studying the habits of charismatic critters like wolves, and in the laboratory analyzing things you can’t see like genetic material.

Small classroom sizes and hands-on experience are the hallmark of the biology major. Working closely with faculty, you’ll be netting trout, tagging deer, surveying plants, as well as linking modern molecular techniques with environmental and conservation issues. You might be analyzing growth patterns of juniper bushes in the Apostle Islands or you might be  identifying gene expression in northern turtles.

A philosophy of collaboration upholds and enhances our commitment to collaborative science research and outreach. Many of our biology professors work in partnerships with government agencies and non-profit institutions to conduct research, create internships, and find future jobs for you.

Biology overlaps with many natural resource courses and is the centerpiece of our pre-health care and pre-veterinary programs. After four years, you will be prepared for employment in the fields of bioresearch, natural resource science, environmental consulting, education, and for graduate, medical, and veterinarian schools.

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