• Superior Connections Northland Students

A Northland education, like life, is a journey. Our job is to help you assemble the skills necessary for success. Most colleges require a broad platform of learning but at Northland we push you to connect the dots between courses. You will complete your liberal arts curriculum by participating in one of three programs Superior Connections, Growing Connections, or Natural Connections.

After you enroll, you will select the Connections program that most interests you. Your program then helps to determine your schedule for the first three semesters. That structure ensures that you get all the credits you need in a short amount of time and lets you work with a cohort of your peers with similar interests.

This approach has helped redefine a distinctive environmental liberal arts education and has sent graduates into the world ready to make a difference.

Superior Connections

Superior Connections integrates curriculum with a focus on the Lake Superior watershed. Students who enroll in Superior Connections develop expertise in the natural and human histories of the watershed as well as studying and engaging in a variety of interconnected complex environmental and cultural issues. The program also includes a month-long circumnavigation of Lake Superior by voyageur canoe, hiking trail, and road. If you have any questions about the program, please email or call (715) 682-1329.

Superior Connections applications for the 2017-18 academic year are being accepted.

To apply, please send a typed essay explaining why you would like to be a part of the program to superiorconnections@northland.edu. Include your full name, home address, and telephone numbers.

Growing Connections

Growing Connections is a comprehensive look at the history, theories, and practices of sustainable agriculture. Participants in Growing Connections work closely with faculty and mentors and regional farmers in classrooms, labs, and fields to develop an interdisciplinary understanding of food systems and of the role that agriculture plays in human culture and ecological health.

Natural Connections

Natural Connections is for the curious student who is interested in everything. You can pick and choose topics each semester until you’ve completed your ten foundational courses. It is the most flexible way to complete your general liberal arts requirements.

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