• Students around a camp fire

Each student at Northland College takes a selection of courses from across the arts, sciences, and humanities. But this requirement is more than just hoop-jumping. It provides a well-rounded foundation of knowledge and skills. Northland College’s general education is designed for exploration. Our students know that chemistry and writing can be closely linked, or that sociology can create better business leaders. Time and again, they’ve found out how disparate interests actually intersect in surprising ways. They’ve uncovered unimagined possibilities.

For students looking for a specific learning community, we also offer two general education pathways that are modeled to focus on topics regarding sustainable agriculture or the Lake Superior region:

  • Growing Connections allows participants a comprehensive look at the history, theories, and practices of sustainable agriculture. These students work closely with faculty and regional farmers in classrooms, labs, and fields to develop their understanding of human food systems and ecological health.
  • Superior Connections students take courses that dive directly into the interwoven economic, environmental, and cultural facets of the Lake Superior watershed. Students in the program also spend a month circumnavigating the Lake by car, canoe, and on foot, picking up new insights about the region as they go.

To apply, send an email message to connections@northland.edu. In your email, indicate:

  1. why you are interested in the program
  2. what you could contribute to the program
  3. include your full name, home address, and telephone number(s).

Note: No Google Docs accepted.

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