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Timber Wolf Alliance

…Michigan Wolf Folklore Wolf Communication and Pup Development Wolf Ecology, & Management Canids of Wisconsin Timber Wolf Alliance Science, outreach and education. In 1990, Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson signed the proclamation of Wisconsin Wolf Awareness Week, a time to celebrate these important animals, by highlighting the threats to their survival,…

Peter Annin at beach

World Water Day: Writing Wisconsin’s Waterways

…water. This spring, the Wisconsin Academy is looking at our state through the lens of writing. Under the theme “Writing Wisconsin’s Future,” we are hosting a series of talks and articles in Wisconsin People & Ideas by and about poets, fiction writers, scholars, administrators, and journalists whose writing can help…

Great Lakes

Foxconn finds way to stick 7 million-gallon straw into Lake Michigan

Peter Annin says proposed diversion could be vulnerable to a legal challenge

…argument they are covered under the compact,” said Todd Ambs, who helped negotiate the agreement as top aide to former Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle. Some critics of the Waukesha diversion plan to question the legality of Foxconn’s bid when the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources holds a public hearing Wednesday….

Journal Entries Singing Wilderness

…a beautiful mind. Her sense of awareness, understanding, wit and appreciation are something precious….What I am trying to tell you clumsily is that we love your Vonnie very much and always will and so shall always bless you for finding her.” Sigurd found in Yvonne what he had never found…


Kraft to Speak on Wisconsin Groundwater Issues

…University of Wisconsin–Extension and is largely dedicated to serving the citizens, communities, businesses, and governments of Wisconsin. He is passionate about outreach in the Wisconsin Idea tradition: “the boundaries of the University are the boundaries of the state.” Kraft’s outreach involvement includes how lakes and streams have been dried by…


Decolonizing Tobacco: The Environmental History of Asemaa

March 29, 5:30 pm6:30 pm

…curriculum, and cultural identity. Currently, Dylan resides in Odanah, Wisconsin, with his family. He is a University of Wisconsin Madison HEAL doctoral fellow, teaches Ojibwe Language & Culture and American Environmental History at Northland College, and serves as an appointed member of the Wisconsin Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change….

veteran pins


Wisconsin Veterans Veterans who are Wisconsin residents may also be eligible to participate in the Vet Ed reimbursement program offered through the state of WI Department of Veterans Affairs. The Wisconsin G.I. Bill Tuition Remission Program cannot be used at Northland. The V.A. School Certifying Official at Northland does not…

Student graduating


…for this grant. Wisconsin Grant Program The Wisconsin Grant Program provides grant assistance to undergraduate Wisconsin residents enrolled at least half-time in degree or certificate programs at non-profit, independent colleges or universities based in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Minority Retention Grants Awards under the Wisconsin Minority Retention program are made to Wisconsin

Mother loon and her chick

Wisconsin Loon Population on the Rise

Results of the 2015 one-day Wisconsin Loon Population Survey

The Northland College Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute LoonWatch program announced today that Wisconsin loons are doing surprisingly well, according to the results of the 2015 one-day Wisconsin Loon Population Survey. According to the most recent results, the adult loon population is estimated at 4,350, an increase of 9.1 percent from…

Paulette Moore with her camera

Free Speech TV Premieres Moore’s Doc

…has also acquired both To Wisconsin with Love, and From Wisconsin with Love and will premiere all three at the following times. The Spirit of Standing Rock (CST) Wed, 02/15/2017 (7 pm) Sat, 02/18/2017 (3 pm) Sun, 02/19/2017 (10:30 am) Wed, 02/22/2017 (7:00 pm) Thu, 02/23/2017 (3:15 am) Sun, 02/26/2017…