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Vision for Wolves

Timber Wolf Alliance believes that wolf conservation should be based on recognition of the broad understanding of the benefits of a healthy wolf population, while minimizing the problems wolves sometimes cause. Adopted by the Timber Wolf Alliance Advisory Council on January 19, 2018 Wisconsin and Michigan A vision for wolves….

Tracking canines in snow

Estimating the Wolf Population

May 31, 2022, 6:00 pm7:30 pm

Interested in learning how the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) estimates Wisconsin’s wolf population? In this webinar hosted by the Timber Wolf Alliance, you can learn the science behind the yearly population estimates. Wildlife Biologist Adrian Wydeven will start the webinar with an overview of how population estimates were…

Adrian Wydeven

Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Plan

Timber Wolf Alliance Coordinator and wolf biologist Adrian Wydeven is helping provide input on a Mexican gray wolf recovery plan for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). He is part of a team that met near Tucson, Arizona, in December 2015 and will be meeting again in the southwest…

Grey wolf pups play in a meadow

Wolf Biology, Pup Development, and Communication

June 21, 2022, 10:00 am11:00 am

Join Jane Weber, Timber Wolf Alliance coordinator, as she shares information about the biology and ecology of wolves, with an emphasis on the stages of pup development and wolf communication. Be prepared for cute baby wolf videos! Registration is required and is limited to twenty-five attendees. Learn more and register…

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WPR: Are High Wolf Numbers Driving Hunting Dog Attacks?

A former state wildlife biologist contends Wisconsin’s high wolf numbers may not be the driving factor behind a record 40 hunting dogs killed by wolves this bear season. Timber Wolf Alliance Coordinator Adrian Wydeven, a former wildlife biologist for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, said the state saw fewer…

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TWA Survey Says WI Wildlife Professionals Prefer Higher Wolf Goal

The Northland College Timber Wolf Alliance recently released a technical report, surveying the opinions of the Wisconsin Chapter of the Wildlife Society regarding wolf population goals for Wisconsin. The survey was conducted and the report written by Erik Olson, assistant professor of natural resources, and Adrian Wydeven, chair of the…

Wolf hunting, captured on trail camera, Maxwell Property

A History with Wolves

Wolf Awareness Week

…lower 48 were found in northeastern Minnesota. Today, there is a stable population distributed throughout northern and central Wisconsin. This week is Wolf Awareness Week, seven days focused on raising awareness about wolves through education. The Timber Wolf Alliance of the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute of Northland College is hosting…

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Scientists Divided Over Delisting Wolves in the Midwest

…their conclusions in an open letter that wolves in the Great Lakes states should continue to be federally protected under the Endangered Species Act (Wolf_conservation_open_letter). The Northland College Timber Wolf Alliance has not taken a position on this issue. The TWA supports the scientific management of wolves and believes wolves…

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Fox 11: Investigates Hunting Dogs Killed by Wolves

…are not the biggest factor that cause the high kill in hounds, said Adrian Wydeven who spent 23 years running the state’s wolf recovery program. He’s now with the Timber Wolf Alliance, a group that promotes conservation and education about wolves. Wydeven says the record wolf population is not necessarily…

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MJS: Numbers don’t add up in wolf-hound debate

As often is the case with ecological issues, simple answers or solutions are often inadequate or incorrect. By Adrian Wydeven, Timber Wolf Alliance Everyone likes a good mystery, especially one where an unlikely candidate is revealed as the culprit. This “Ah ha!” moment is a staple of the genre and…