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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Potluck and Documentary Screening: MLK/FBI

January 16, 5:00 pm8:30 pm

Northland College’s Diversity Center will be hosting a potluck and screening the film MLK/FBI, which documents FBI monitoring of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from 1963 until his death in 1968. The potluck starts at 5 p.m., and the documentary showing will begin at 6 p.m. The…

Northland student stands in Lake Superior

Kert's Most Awesome Weekend Adventures

…Bay The Northland College Outpost has sea kayaking gear available all summer and I relied on them for my water-based adventures. I paddled fourteen miles out into the Apostle Islands then to Castle Rock and Honeymoon Island. I kayaked local waterways in the region including Fish Creek, Whittlesey Creek, Bono…


…remarkable history of the Earth, the rocks of which it is composed, and the physical, chemical, and biological changes that the Earth is continually undergoing. Northland’s geology program gives you a thorough understanding of how the physical earth—its minerals, rocks, soils, water, landscapes—form the foundation on which all ecosystems exist….

This is how we do natural resources. Woman with fish.

Natural Resources

…to do the coolest stuff—from mitigating ecological impacts of climate change in Antarctica to managing fires out west to studying sharks in South Africa, and everything in between. Areas of study as an emphasis: Ecological Restoration With ecological restoration you get a rock-solid foundation in the synthesis of geology and…

Northland College alum Carl Sacks looks at GIS with students

Mapping for a Better World

Created "The Black Snake in Sioux Country" Map

…“something like twenty 1:100,000-scale USGS maps” and plastered a whole wall of the office in Mead Hall with a mosaic that showed the Gunflint Trail to Pictured Rocks. Sack earned a degree in teacher education, moved to Superior in 2006, and subbed in high schools for five years. Meanwhile, he…

Film class and wild rice parching

Filmmaker, Students Document Harvest

students to show shorts at film festival As an educator, filmmaker and member of the Six Nations Mohawk tribe Northland College’s 2015 William P. Van Evera lecturer-in-residence Paulette Moore is eager to bring her relationship to the Great Lakes full circle. She’s planning to do this by collaborating with Northland…

Northland College professor Brian Tochterman

Why Donald Trump (wrongly) thinks Chicago resembles a war-torn country


…“Death Wish” was the New York City crime film par excellence, depicting a city overrun by a criminal underclass striking at random and with unprecedented violence. The film captured the depth of the urban crisis that New York City faced in the 1970s — a time also marked by Donald…

Students speak with a Forest Service employee during a job fair on campus.

Ask a Federal Employer—Applications, Jobs, and Interviews

January 18, 11:30 am1:00 pm

…tons of students and recent grads over the years, so she knows what federal hiring officials are looking for (and what you need to do to get past the screening process so your application is actually seen by the supervisors doing the hiring)! Stop by to see her and Northland…

Portrait of Northland College student Travis Sherlin

Travis Sherlin: Healthy Addiction for Exploration

Majoring in sustainable community development Grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee Keeps busy with school, bartending, rock climbing, and making big plans for the future Travis Sherlin entered Northland College as a freshman with a healthy addiction for exploration and a strong vision for his own educational journey. He spent several…