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Ten-cent Taps, Lasting Romance & Ida's Special Sauce

…was nineteen or twenty and he was eighteen or nineteen. He ordered a beer and she ordered a pop. She didn’t have an ID and the bartender whether it was Ida or someone else wouldn’t serve her because she didn’t have an ID. That got a lot of good play…

Northland College students survey city

Sustainable Community Development

…sustainability—environmental, social, and economic—in a comprehensive and holistic manner, melding the concepts of community organizing, urban/rural/regional planning, local and international economic development, and ecological restoration. Innovative interdisciplinary courses introduce you to the theory and practice of sustainable community development. Outside of the classroom you have the opportunity to apply theory,…

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Business Management

You will have the opportunity to pursue two very different fields within business—business management and sustainable entrepreneurship. Both majors share a core of courses that provide you with a foundational understanding of economics, finance, management, marketing, and social responsibility. Business Management major In short, this major will prepare you for…

Education Major Danon Briggs


…in Middle/Secondary Education in math, science, and social studies. We give you the tools to establish a trusting environment and to foster the group dynamics essential to run a successful classroom. Our education courses provide you with the tools to teach content and the skills to help shape the character…

Deer exclosure-Bayfield County

Wisconsin’s Disappearing Forest

Prof Sarah Johnson researches the botanical realities of deer browse

…buried meristems, just as mowed grass in a lawn does. Forests are essentially a four-layer cake of ground flora, shrubs and saplings, subcanopy (younger trees), and canopy. And yet in this random but fairly typical northern forest, we’re missing diversity in the ground flora, shrubs, saplings, and subcanopy – three…

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Advocacy & Public Discourse

…apply the great insights of the arts and sciences to the specific challenges faced by our local communities, region, and world. We hold the conviction that our unique approach to liberal arts education provides our students and other interested individuals with the understanding of complex systems, holistic analysis, and critical…

Northland College student Kaylee Thornley at whiteboard

Thornley: Passion for Strong Communities

…said Brandon Hofstedt, associate professor of sustainable community development and faculty director of the Center for Rural Communities. Senior Kaylee Thornley presented her research on understanding how social ties, trust, and reciprocity relate to social capital and community attachment in rural communities. Thornley said her passion lies in strengthening communities….

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The Woman Behind the Screen

…I looked at her Instagram account and could see she had a level of professionalism, even about her own life,” Buckles said. Mikaela was hired as a social media assistant in September 2015. As social media assistant, she photographs, creates campaigns on Instagram, posts to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, designs…

Gender and Women’s Studies

This is your chance to explore the significance of gender—as well as other categories of identity—in social structures around the world. Gender and women’s studies at Northland is distinguished by its interdisciplinary nature. You will be taking courses in biology, philosophy, history, religion, sociology, sustainable community development, and outdoor education—all…