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Student looking through geology loop

A Future in Geologic Time

Profile: Julianne “Annie” Daw Graduated: 2015 Major: environmental geosciences—geology and mathematical sciences Minor: physics Hometown: Costa Mesa, California Annie Daw decided to come to Northland College because she wanted a big change in her life. She’d never lived in the Midwest and was looking for a college with an environmental…

Northland College alumnus Tiffany Kirsten stands with fellow activists along the border of Texas and Mexico

Birds and the Border Wall

…opposed any form of a physical wall. Last week we held outreach events at the Texas Butterfly Festival and at the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival—two huge ecotourism draws. Festival attendees filled out over 850 Save Santa Ana postcards, which are currently en route to senate offices in DC. Our…

Stroud Selected to Give Last Lecture

…take leave of his chair at that university.” Northland College’s last lecture follows the same idea: a favorite professor is asked to deliver a lecture that would provide a summary of their own life philosophy, discerned through a lifetime of scholarship and experience, as if it was the last lecture…

Pebble beach

Complexities of Chequamegon Bay

…the most unique living laboratories for climate change research.” Lehr will be joined by colleagues: Tom Fitz, associate professor of geoscience, Toben Lafrancois, adjunct assistant professor of natural resources and philosophy, and Luke Van Roekel, assistant professor of atmospheric science. These researchers are learning surprising things. One is that the…

Winning books in grass

SONWA 2015 Winners

Rivers, Water, and a North Woods Girl

…Water Runs Through This Book, by Nancy Bo Flood and photography by Jan Sonnenmair (Fulcrum Publishing, Golden, Colorado), and North Woods Girl, by Aimee Bissonette with illustrations by Claudia McGehee (Minnesota Historical Society Press, St. Paul, Minnesota), a beautiful book of a girl and her unorthodox, up north grandmother and…

Graphic design student interns in Sweden

Graphic Design on the Job

Swedish Student Returns Home for Internship

…Monday we had a staff meeting over breakfast where new ideas were welcomed to be shared,” he said. “Their philosophy was all about equality and everyone pulling the rope in the same direction.” Bülling also worked on the redesign of the e-commerce website to include an English language version, and…

Northland student playing lacrosse

Lacrosse 101

…in three sentences or less? A. Lacrosse is a fast-paced, team sport. It involves thinking on the fly, quick decision-making, mental and physical toughness, along with a desire to compete just like every other sport. It is currently one of the fastest growing sports in the Midwestern United States. Q….

Snapping turtle

Turtles, Temperature & Sex

…individual turtles. She wanted to know when and how they “express” themselves. For an example, Bieser describes expression as the physical manifestation of those genes such as blue or brown eye color. She looked at turtle eggs incubated at male and female temperatures and looked at what the genes were…

Gary Ferguson

2014 SONWA Winners Announced

…Engle for Silver People: Voices from the Panama Canal (young adult) and children’s author Phyllis Root for Plant a Pocket of Prairie for books worthy of honorary mention. Mark Peterson, executive director at the Northland College Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute that oversees the awards, hopes the SONWA serves as an…

Alumnus Henry Fitzgibbon performs on stage at Northland College

Henry Fitzgibbon ’51 On Broadway

A Life in the Arts

…to ever be repeated anywhere else in my life.” In addition to Broadway, Fitzgibbon worked at the Institute of Physical Medicine, and was the director of information for the International Society for Rehabilitation of the Disabled, he sang as a paid member of a quartet at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church…