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Student looking through geology loop

A Future in Geologic Time

Profile: Julianne “Annie” Daw Graduated: 2015 Major: environmental geosciences—geology and mathematical sciences Minor: physics Hometown: Costa Mesa, California Annie Daw decided to come to Northland College because she wanted a big change in her life. She’d never lived in the Midwest and was looking for a college with an environmental…

Northland College alumnus Tiffany Kirsten stands with fellow activists along the border of Texas and Mexico

Birds and the Border Wall

…opposed any form of a physical wall. Last week we held outreach events at the Texas Butterfly Festival and at the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival—two huge ecotourism draws. Festival attendees filled out over 850 Save Santa Ana postcards, which are currently en route to senate offices in DC. Our…

Stroud Selected to Give Last Lecture

…take leave of his chair at that university.” Northland College’s last lecture follows the same idea: a favorite professor is asked to deliver a lecture that would provide a summary of their own life philosophy, discerned through a lifetime of scholarship and experience, as if it was the last lecture…

Aerial shot of Ashland and Chequamegon Bay

Rural America: A Living Laboratory

Center for Rural Communities Bridging the Theory-Practice Divide

…Data from these surveys will be used to help implement successful management plans according to each lake’s relationship between the desired use of the lake and the physical, chemical, biological, and social processes that shape the lake’s ecosystem. The Center partnered with the Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board, the Concentrated…

7 Recommended Reads for World Water Day

…the political economy of limited resources anywhere. 2. Paddle-to-the-Sea, Holling C. Holling (1941) An oldie and one for children, but still one of the best resources of Great Lakes geography and the watershed education. In it, a young First Nation boy carves a toy canoe with a figure inside and…


Enhancing Behavioral Health in Northern Wisconsin

…and Washburn counties, and NorthLakes Community Clinic. The Endowment recently announced funding for ten community coalitions to support community-based improvements in behavioral health. The overall goals of the initiative include: statewide improvement in behavioral health, improved physical health among those with behavioral health conditions, and improved prevention and healthcare resources….

Northland College graduate Olivia Anderson runs tests at the Burke Center lab

Summer Ideal Time for Gaining Professional Experience

Olivia Anderson, 2018 Graduate

Major: sustainable community development with physical planning and development emphasis, and natural resources with ecological restoration emphasis Hometown: Saint Paul, Minnesota Future Plans: sustainable design Q. What are you up to post-graduation? A. Short-term, this summer and at least into the fall I will be working for the Mary Griggs…

Farm images and embroidery tools

Northland Class Taking Art Project, Film to Minnesota

ST. JOSEPH, MINN. – An embroidery, beading, print, and photography art project that features Minnesota farmers, local artists, locally sourced yarn and encourages community collaboration is coming to the Minnesota Street Market food co-op (27 W Minnesota St, St Joseph, MN 56374) Tuesday, April 12. The project titled “People of…

Graphic design student interns in Sweden

Graphic Design on the Job

Swedish Student Returns Home for Internship

…Monday we had a staff meeting over breakfast where new ideas were welcomed to be shared,” he said. “Their philosophy was all about equality and everyone pulling the rope in the same direction.” Bülling also worked on the redesign of the e-commerce website to include an English language version, and…

Q & A With Robin Wall Kimmerer

…a gathering of traditional plant elders and it was a pivot point for me. In listening to them, to their holistic perspective, which was simultaneously spiritual and physical, it re-awakened the desire to embrace both of these ways of knowing. I’ve been blessed by having good teachers along my path,…