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Northland College staff Stacy Craig

A Deeper Life Because of Northland

…perspective that so few, even at the college, ever know. I’ve been in awe and even moved to tears several times, such as last year while reading senior Liandra Skenadore’s thesis project on Native American sovereignty, justice, and healing. Her work was transformative: showing that historical and current trauma of…

graphic of founding fathers

What the Founders Got Wrong

A Constitution Day Conversation

A Constitution Day Conversation The College invited Russ Feingold, Wisconsin’s former US Senator and current president of the American Constitution Society as its speaker for Constitution Day, a September 17 federal observance recognizing the adoption of the US Constitution and those who have become US citizens by birth or…

Dill plant.

Dan’s Dill

Finding beauty in a plant that grows like a weed.

…Wisconsin, all the way to the north woods of Ashland could be attributed to my brother, Danny Simpson ’18, a former garden crew employee and my current boss. He approved of my decision to scatter the remaining seed all over the garden, much to the confusion, and even dismay, of…

Northland College Assistant Professor of Sustainable Community Development Nicole Foster

Meeting The World With Heart

…jobs, relationships, and places that were once central to everyday life. Drawing from current research, case studies, and historic examples like the Wisconsin Idea Theater, we explored how art and culture address this loss, repair fractured communities and support inclusive development. In Ashland, we see such impacts through the beautiful…

Carol and Monroe Sprague

A Family Tradition of Knowledge and Self-Discovery

The Spragues continue to support scholarship.

…to experimenting with ways to store better silage using plastic for silos.” For his work, he gained international recognition for his expertise in no-till farming and agronomy—and his work from that era can be seen in current farming practices. Monroe became acquainted with Northland College when his dad would bring…

Northland College student Emma Holtan

The Chequamegon Bay Region Spoke and the IJC Listened

…blooms, infrastructure, public engagement, and beyond. The commission, appointed by the Canadian prime minister and the American president, use this sort of public input from communities around the Great Lakes basin, along with current Great Lakes research, to fulfill one of their main responsibilities: assessing the progress of governments, organizations,…

Northland College Kate Miler stands in a wetland

On the Path of Plants

Plant Ecologist Kate Miller '02

…the path,” Miller said. Miller left Wisconsin for Maine in 2003 with partner Tara King ’01 to pursue a master of science at the University of Maine, where she studied the impacts of forestry on arboreal lichen and insect communities. Soon, after finishing her masters, she started her current job…