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Northland College alum Shannon Franks

Using Science to Monitor Earth’s Changes

Shannon Franks '01, NASA Senior Scientist

Home state: New Jersey Major: Environmental Studies ‘01 NC Highlight: Internship with NASA Current location: Greenbelt, Maryland Employer: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Goddard Space Flight Center Occupation: Senior Scientist What I do: Study and improve metrics for monitoring forest disturbance and recovery How I got here. When I was…

Northland alumni director Jackie Moore holds up photo of Ida and Cabbie Meyer at the Stagecoach Inn, formerly Cabbie's.

Ex-watering hole owner leaves $200,000 to Northland College

current cost of a beer, not the dime charged at Cabbie’s Tap during the Eisenhower administration. Fond memories of the bar have been pouring into the college from long-ago students, including those under 21 who could legally drink beer back then. The cheap brew washed down countless cheese sandwiches and…

Northland College alumnus Tiffany Kirsten stands with fellow activists along the border of Texas and Mexico

Careers in Social Justice, Conservation, and Public Service

SOEI Interns

…ecological projects. From his college years to his current job, Adam Yates ’07 has worked to make the world more inclusive—through an alternative spring break in the Blue Ridge mountains to his current position as an openly gay pastor at the Episcopalian Church of Connecticut (He received his master of…

Where Sustainable Community Development Can Take You

Julie Fair & Adrian Diaz '16

Hometown: Maple Grove, Minnesota (Julia) and Waukegan, Illinois (Adrian) Current location: Minneapolis, Minnesota Major/Emphasis: Sustainable Community Development and Sociology ’16 (both of them) Experience/Internships while at Northland College: Both: Wendy and Malcolm McLean Intern at Compatible Technology International Julia: HECUA participant (NC’s first for many years) to Northern Ireland. Completed…