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SONWA Winners 2017

Honeybees and a trailblazing scientist top the 2017 SONWA book awards

…true tale, Mike’s keen eye sees past the current day cornfields of the driftless region of Iowa to the historic trout stream and the ecosystem that existed. The story teaches the age-old process of discovery for the young reader and the restoration of the natural world. —Jan Penn, SONWA committee…

Exploring Interactions Between Humans and Wildlife

Andrew East `10 Uses Northland Lessons for Science & Teaching

…land cover influence, and overall ecology of northern shrikes. He also studied the impacts of lakeshore usage as an intern at the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute. All of these experiences coalesced current work exploring interactions between humans and wildlife. In between: Andrew earned his MS Environmental Science in 2016 from…

Northland College alum Abby Rose and her sister Yana Dee at Yana Dee Ethical Apparel

Thread of Hope

Making Fashion Ecological, Sustainable, and Just

…vision of what kind of business,” she said. “Finally, I realized Yana Dee needed more help. Why would I go back to school to get a job I could have right now?” In contrast to the current trend of “fast fashion,”—more clothes at a faster rate, for less money—the Weglarz…

Muddy fish creek watershed

Northland Project Aims to Clear Chequamegon Bay’s Muddy Waters

…some of the logs and others were provided serendipitously by last month’s flood, which uprooted hundreds of trees. Ultimately, Hudson said would like to see the work continue beyond the pilot project. “If it’s actually going to make an impact, if our goal is to reduce the current rate of…

Two Northland College students and dogs

Finding Home on a New Campus

Transfer Students Michaela Jurewicz and Katie Tapper

…when it was convenient. Frustrated and planning on dropping out of school, I took one last semester studying abroad in Iceland. While there I met two current Northland students who convinced me to transfer and stay in school. What was the transfer experience like? Michaela: I emailed the transfer coordinator…

Lake Superior and beach

Geologic Perspectives on Climate Change

…etc. The practice of measurement is the same process by which we build our homes, cook our meals and predict the timing of the next solar eclipse to the minute. What do geologic measurements about the past tell us about modern climate change? 1. Current global temperatures are higher than…

Kids at Stockton

From the Archives: School on an Island

Alan Brew, Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute Executive Director Deeper Into the Archives 1989 Apostle Islands Outdoor Education School Annual Report Life of a Lighthouse Keeper Lesson Plan 1995 Newspaper article “Students head for the islands” “The Basswood Daily Press,” vol. 1, issue 2, 1999 Apostle Islands School Brochure for Teachers…

The Impossible Burger Won’t Save Us

…is pure hubris at best, and places the onus on consumers rather than industry. What we need is systemic change away from current agribusiness and food policies—ones that promote monocultures, factory farms, and industry monopolies—that created these problems in the first place, and instead develop policies that prioritize regional food…

Portrait of Roger Dreher with canoe paddle.

When Missions Align

Roger Dreher contributes annually to a scholarship to assist students.

…her with his love of the north woods.” By 1983, the Dreher’s had two young children. They bought this eight-acre parcel near Drummond (and later added an adjoining six). For the next seven years, they spent all their weekends building and finishing the current house, including the deck on which…

A collage of climate initiatives

17 Ways We’re Tackling Climate Change

Adapting and Restoring Ecosystems Sarah Johnson, associate professor of natural resources, merges scholarship on ecosystem vulnerabilities and risk with ecosystem adaptation and opportunity. She currently co-chairs the Plants and Natural Communities Working Group of the Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts that will see the first demo sites on state-owned…