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Northland alum fish geneticist holds up fish

Ackerman Brothers Pursue Fish Biology, Genetics

Nick ’00 and Mike ’04 Ackerman grew up on a small dairy farm six miles away from their hometown of Pecatonica, Illinois. With panoramic views of fields, neither of them ever expected they would wind up dedicating their lives to the rivers and fish of the west. However, once Nick…

Two paddle boarders on Lake Superior

International Joint Commission Coming to Northland

…two countries’ boundary waters. The six new IJC commissioners are currently traveling around the Great Lakes seeking input on water quality concerns. For Lake Superior, they are stopping in Thunder Bay, Duluth, and their last and final session will be in Ashland. The IJC seeks participants’ views on the progress…


Caribou, Snapchat, and Avocado Graphs

Ogle offers May term statistical computing.

…of bleaching on coral reefs, forest fires, traffic arrests by sex, race, and year, Snapchat advertisements, weather for Green Bay, water currents in Chequamegon Bay, and fish growth. Erick Marchessault, who is studying natural resources and pre-health care, created graphs using data from research he’s conducting looking at the prevalence…

Northland College senior Katie Tapper sits at a table.

What Do Fish Eat?

Katie Tapper ’21 catalogs the culinary quirks of Lake Superior fish.

…offshore surveys on fish, zooplankton, and water temperatures and research projects like evaluating the biology, population, community dynamics, and yield predictions of Lake Superior fish. In partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Tapper has been tasked with inventorying Lake Superior fish to get an assessment of their diets….

Graduate Jenise Swartley gives commencement address.

The Power of Action

2019 Commencement Address

Jenise Swartley ’19, NCSA President 2019 Commencement Address Have you ever dreamt of a world beyond what we currently know to be possible? Not of a dystopian future where the soil is bare, and the water is spoiled; and not of a utopia where we all live in harmony free…

North Fish Creek stabilization project.

Burke Center Awarded $200,000

Project to reduce sediment into Lake Superior.

Project to reduce sediment into Lake Superior. The Great Lakes Commission has awarded the Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation nearly $200,000 to fund the second phase of its sediment reduction project on North Fish Creek and Chequamegon Bay. Work will begin in October. In total, the Great Lakes…

Student and professor in wetland

Chasing Dragonflies for Science

…the National Park Service Great Lakes Inventory and Monitoring Network, NPS Air Resources Division, U.S. Geological Survey, and the University of Maine. The U.S. National Park Service recently signed a five-year cooperative agreement with the College to hire students to assist in monitoring mercury trends in larval dragonfly in the…

From the Archives: Sustaining the Brule River Ecosystem

…the edge of the Bois Brule River, one almost instantly senses something not easily described. The soothing sounds of flowing water, the beauty of black spruces pointing skyward, the lisping call of cedar waxwings flying overhead. The natural beauty of this stream is compelling . . .” and it “has…

Northland College students search for orchids as part of research project.

The Orchid Hunters

…publishing a paper with this data. ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ Jena “Shoe” Miles ’18 has worked at the Apostle Islands National Park Service, on a farm in Hawaii, and at Blacktail Mountain Ski Area in Montana’s Flathead Valley. She’ll be back with the Apostle Islands National Park Service this…

Northland College Men's Hockey Team Photo 2016-2017

Nurturing Miggy’s Legacy

Christopher T. Morgan Scholarship

…battles down low, just what we needed,” Gregory said. Caroline says Chris had found his people and his place at Northland. “He was really connecting there, enjoying his time being on the water, being by the bay, getting more exposure to the outdoors. He really appreciated what he had there,”…