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WPR: New ‘Freshwater Innovation Center’ Aims To Expand Great Lakes Research

…will replace oil as the most important natural resource in the world, calling the Great Lakes region the Saudi Arabia of water. He said people living near the Great Lakes need to increase their water literacy and become thought leaders on the challenges facing fresh water, such as water diversion….

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Water Collaborative Connects Communities

Service • Jane Anklam, West Wisconsin Land Trust Public Involvement: • Chequamegon Water Collaborative • Kevin Brewster, Bad River Watershed Association • Val Damstra, Coordinator of the Chequamegon Bay Area Partnership “This is an incredible opportunity for people to interact with water resource professionals and researchers in the region,”Fitzgerald said….


Kraft to Speak on Wisconsin Groundwater Issues

…groundwater pumping, particularly in the Wisconsin central sands, modernizing Wisconsin’s groundwater pumping management policy and laws, nitrate and pesticide pollution of groundwater, and assisting stewardship groups to organize and manage their water resources. Kraft’s research interests revolve around questions of water resource sustainability, particularly about profitable agriculture and water impacts….

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Openings Available for Water Wars Course

…public. Like the book, the course will delve into the history of political maneuvers and water diversion schemes that have proposed sending Great Lakes water everywhere from Akron to Arizona. Using a case study approach that examines these various water projects — past, present and proposed — the course culminates…

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Back from the Brink of Extinction

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction and Recovery

…US Department of Agriculture-Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service-Wildlife Services, US Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and White Mountain Apache Tribe have been critical to the successful establishment of a population of Mexican wolves in the United States. John Oakleaf is the featured Timber Wolf Alliance speaker for…

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Ethical Wildlife Photography

…and flatten its body in a hang-over posture to try to hide from view. If the loon is startled, it will flush abruptly and may kick the eggs out of the nest. A loon that is in the water and near the nest will often remain low in the water

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Protect Loons

Over the last seventy years, northern Wisconsin has experienced increasing development. Housing density maps from 1940, 1990, and 2010 clearly show cumulative density throughout the decades, particularly in the lakes regions. What does this mean for loons? Loss of habitat, declining water quality, and increased recreational use of lakes influences…

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Q & A with "Great Lakes Water Wars" Author Peter Annin

…those waters, and that they ensure that appropriate rules and regulations governing the lakes are in place. My book is about the Great Lakes water diversion controversy—the idea that people have contemplated diverting Great Lakes water everywhere from Akron to Arizona. It continues to be a hot topic. Q. Name…