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MichRadio: Foxconn wants to divert 5.8 million gallons of Lake Michigan water a day

Is that legal? Peter Annin Answers

…5.8 million gallons of water a day diverted from Lake Michigan for operations. Peter Annin is the co-director of the Northland College Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation in Wisconsin and author of “The Great Lake Water Wars.” He spoke with Stateside on the impacts this diversion will have…

Madeline Island, Wisconsin Areal View

Wisconsin Still at Center of Water Battles

Ten Years After the Passage of the Great Lakes Compact

…the basin are entitled to all the water they want. For those outside, especially areas straddling the basin, access to water gets more complicated. In a controversial decision, Great Lakes states are allowing the City of Waukesha to tap Lake Michigan as a replacement for its own polluted groundwater. Also…


Northern Wisconsin wants drinking water oversight

…is safe to drink and protect drinking water sources from pollution. The vast majority (83.9 percent) of respondents also say the public sector should be responsible for guaranteeing access to safe drinking water regardless of someone’s ability to pay. This is well-aligned with strong opinions of water as a human…

Great Lakes

Wis. Lets Village Go to Town on Great Lakes Water

Peter Annin uncovered documents about the expanded Pleasant Prairie diversion in reporting for second edition of The Great Lakes Water Wars.

…Milwaukee. “Southeast Wisconsin is growing, and you can’t keep growing without water,” said Peter Annin, director of a Northland College water center, who uncovered documents about the expanded Pleasant Prairie diversion while researching a new edition of his book The Great Lakes Water Wars. “People are surprised about the lack…

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…sites. If a service animal is restricted from certain areas, the designated accessibility services office is available to assist in evaluating reasonable accommodations for the owner. Registering a Service Animal Students with service animals are not required to register with the Accommodations Office. The Accommodations Office maintains a voluntary Service

Sigurd Olson Speeches

…agreed with. But Carver seemed to attack the very heart of the service itself. “When all else fails,” he said, “the Park Service seems always able to fall back upon mysticism, its own private mystique.” Carver criticized a recent Park Service memorandum, saying it had “the mystic, quasi-religious sound of…

Water Summit

…for Freshwater Innovation convened a Water Summit on Sept. 25, 2019 dedicated to “Water Quality Concerns on the South Shore of Lake Superior.” Representatives from the International Joint Commission (IJC) gathered with local experts on the Northland College campus to discuss the water quality concerns of the south shore of…

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About Loons

water repellency. Loons spend much of their life on the ocean and in cold water lakes. Their waterproof feathers prevent the water from reaching their skin and causing hypothermia. The waterproof outer feathers produces an insulating layer of air between them and the skin to further help keep the loon…

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…climate change impacts in Lake Superior, and integrated ecosystem assessment and management planning for inland lake and watershed ecosystems. In previous roles, his research has focused on: 1) watershed assessment to support water quality and Pacific salmon restoration; 2) watershed and aquatic response modeling to support the federal Total Maximum…


…program will provide a diversity of balanced and complete-protein vegan and vegetarian options at every meal including non-soy plant proteins Ingredient Labeling: For the safety of all Food Service customers, Food Service will label top food allergens, and provide accessible nutrition information and ingredient lists. Sustainability Labeling: Food Service will…