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A shelf of Sigurd Olson Nature Writing Award winners

From the Archives: An Award for Nature Writers

…that continues to this day. In 2000, the criteria for the award was expanded beyond its initial focus on the Northwoods, and since that time has been open to national and international submissions that capture the spirit of the human relationship with the natural world and that promote values that…

Pink squirrel illustration by James O'Brien

Pink Explosion

Armed With a Flashlight and a Sense of Wonder, Researchers Discover Hot-Pink Squirrels

…lead author on the project and now a graduate student in wildlife and fisheries at Texas A&M. First came an article in Nature, one of the top scientific magazines in the world. And then came The New York Times, National Geographic, Newsweek, Smithsonian, and other publications, seventy-plus and counting. And…

Peter Annin at beach

Peter Annin Recognized for Excellence

Great Lakes Protection Fund Awards Journalists and Media Outlets

…experience the world’s largest supply of surface freshwater. • Institute for Nonprofit News, which, with its partners, produced Rust to Resilience, a reporting series about the impact of climate change on the Great Lakes and surrounding cities. • US Water Alliance, a national nonprofit organization that advocates for racial justice,…

Biofluorescent platypus (Mammalia)

Platypuses Capture Worldwide Imagination

Northland Researchers Make Another Illuminating Discovery

…Are They Hiding? New York Magazine, The Cut Scientists Find Platypuses Glow Under Black Light National Geographic We Knew Platypuses Were Incredible. Now we know they glow, too. The fur of the platypus glows under a blacklight—a finding that raises questions about its role in these strange mammals. Smithsonian Magazine…

Northland student Seth Bayliss on campus

Northland Deepens Commitment to Food, Social Justice

In the last year, Seth Bayliss ’20, a sociology and social justice major, has sifted through stacks of invoices, researched thousands of food items, and entered over 11,000 bits of data into a spreadsheet. Bayliss’ deep dive into food purchases was part of the Real Food Standards, a national initiative…

Northland College alum Kealy White at work at bakery.

Stepping Back, Leaning In

Kealy White '99

…good and it was that way with pastry tools.” In mid-March, the pandemic was national news and the bakery and the coffee shop closed to the public. With so many unknowns, most of the staff was laid off for four weeks. At the same time, Kealy’s seven-year-old daughter Fiona’s school…

Wheeler Hall building on campus

Northland Graduates Class of 2020, Prepares for Future

…instruction in a virtual learning environment. During our most recent May term, fifteen of our faculty colleagues taught or facilitated a nationally recognized pandemic course, which was made available to the broader Ashland community as a shared learning opportunity. Also, this past weekend, we honored our graduating seniors with an…