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Wolf laying down

Book Review: The Real Wolf

…red wolves [Canis rufus] or eastern wolves [Canis lycaon]) across the world, in North America, and especially in the United States. In making their case, the authors seem to accept any data regardless of quality that support their case, but dismiss, deny, or ignore data that does not support their…

Northland College Diploma

RSVP for Baccalaureate and Champagne Toast

*Updated May 23, 2019* Commencement will be held in Ponzio Stadium. Join us for the 108th Commencement ceremony and Baccalaureate service: Saturday, May 25, 2019. The Commencement ceremony will be held in Ponzio Stadium. Or, in case of inclement weather, the ceremony will be held in the Chapple Family Gymnasium….

Teachers received education award

Teaching Alums Receive Educator Awards

…an outstanding educator within the first three years of her or his professional career. Ron Cline, who graduated from Northland College in 1982 and teaches at Ashland Middle School, received the Pre-Service Educator Mentor Award, presented to an outstanding educator who has demonstrated a sustained pattern of mentoring pre-service educators…

aerial view of campus

Northland College Recognizes Outstanding Educators

…Penner is being recognized for her work with pre-service teachers. “Mrs. Penner has hosted several pre-service teachers, both in Ashland and in Mellen and has consistently guided them toward high expertise teaching criteria, such as how to use assessment data to inform instruction and how to establish friendly and effective…

Northland College starry night

Climate Science

…Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest) and local weather. You will also have the opportunity to observe these storms in action during a storm-chasing course, which is part of the curriculum. Our students go directly into forecasting careers in television, radio, or the National Weather Service. Others pursue advanced degrees in atmospheric science….

Northland Volleyball student athlete

Student Athlete Handbook

This guide offers an overview and links to some of the most important policies and rules related to student-athletes. However, it does not replace or supersede the official Northland College Handbook—which provides the complete text of all College policies—or actual UMAC, NCHA, WIAC and NCAA rules and regulations. This handbook…

Paulette Moore with her camera

Free Speech TV Premieres Moore’s Doc

…and writer with Discovery Channel, National Geographic, PBS, ABC and other national and international media outlets. Moore collaborated with YES! Magazine co-founder and editor-at-large Sarah van Gelder to create this documentary from their footage and reporting from Standing Rock camps gathered in the fall of 2016. They chronicled activists known…

Professor Erica Hannickel sits at counter with glass of wine.

How Wine Shaped a Nation


…me about manifest destiny? A. The 1840s was a time of superheated national expansion when U.S. leaders sought to incorporate more land into the national fabric. Manifest destiny was used as justification for aggression in the Southwest throughout the Mexican-American War, as well as in Oregon territory. My book focuses…