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Northland College Ponzio Campus Center in winter

Sedition and Insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021

A Statement from Northland College Faculty

…those falsehoods are used to promote actions that attempt to undermine the foundations of our democracy. Furthermore, we dedicate ourselves to understanding and pursuing progressive social change that leads us toward a more sustainable, just, and prosperous future for all. The Northland College Faculty Council prepared this statement in response…

Jen Franke in a Costa Rican national park.

Tracking Peccaries, Primates

Northland College-Costa Rican Wildlife Project

…assisting a wildlife veterinarian outfit white-lipped peccaries with GPS collars. “I spoke with her about her career path and it gives me a thrill to think that I could possibly be a part of the wildlife research realm in my future, helping to create and perpetuate positive change for the…

Portrait of alums Chris and Judy Young '93 at New Moon Ski and Bike Shop.

Switching Gears

Chris and Judy Young '93

…Hayward, Wisconsin, with business partners Joel and Kristy Harrison in 2005, but this year has created successes and challenges like they have never seen before. Outdoor recreation in Wisconsin has been exploding in the past decade. Instead of slowing this growth, COVID-19 has acted as a catalyst, launching individuals from…

Northland College business students demonstrate their hazelnut protein balls.

Nuts for Hazelnuts

A Farming Solution to Climate Change

…their product line. Stay tuned. “I was really impressed with the hard work and dedication these students gave to their products in development,” Rothe said. “We definitely look forward to seeing if anything comes of it and to providing more of these opportunities to our students in the future.”  …

Bee on a flower

Mini Adventures for Youth at Home

Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute Youth Outreach

future for us all. The 30-Day Challenge is just one way to maintain these connections. Please join us. It’s not too late! Katherine Jenkins is the youth outreach educator at the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute. Clair Emmons is the SOEI youth outreach programs fellow. You can find the microadventures on…


Alumni Sew Masks for Incoming Students

…your future be ever bright, Within the first few days, they received responses from alumni around the US, and together, alumni, have created over two hundred, fun-patterned cloth masks that are now available across campus for students, staff, and visitors alike. “You got the feeling when you were at Northland…

Dragonflies: Canaries in the Coal Mine

Dragonflies Help Researchers Determine Mercury

…around, just know those little canaries are also there, just below the surface of the water, helping scientists gather the information to help move toward a safe and informed future. Bay Paulsen is a junior at Northland College and works at the Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation.  …

Wheeler Bridge

Bridging a Passage

…but poignant. I like that Wheeler Bridge will always be fixed in my memories of Northland, because I’m grateful for the metaphorical bridge that the College has been between my past and present. That bridge will continue to shape my interactions with the world with each step into the future….

At the Heart of Everything

SOEI Launches Literary Journal

Alan Brew Ashland Daily Press Column SOEI Launches Literary Journal All of us are feeling the uncertainty of our circumstances acutely right now, with daily routines disrupted and future plans on hold, but when we’re honest, we acknowledge that this is always our condition. Where do we find the fortitude…

From the Archives: Sustaining the Brule River Ecosystem

…the Archives. On June 21-22, 1994, the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute hosted the Robert E. Matteson Brule River Workshop: Sustaining the Brule River Ecosystem, Past, Present, and Future. This event marked the revival of an Institute activity known as “problem-solving workshops.” Institute records show that the revival of these workshops…