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Apostle Islands

From the Archives: Lake Superior Programs at the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute

…Lake Superior while learning about environmental ethics and land stewardship. They also participated in outdoor activities designed to foster appreciation for Lake Superior and its Wisconsin shoreline. The youth portion of the program was led by Northland College outdoor education students, and participants visited the Great Lakes Aquarium, the Apostle

Burke Center researcher Matt Hudson tests for blue-green algae on Lake Superior.

Burke Center Receives Funding for Blue-Green Algae Research

…Coastal Management funding) to learn more about blue-green algae blooms in Chequamegon Bay. Blue-green algae blooms occurred in 2012 and 2018 along the south shore of Lake Superior stretching between Superior, Wis., and the Apostle Islands region, but blooms have not yet occurred in Chequamegon Bay. The Burke Center has…

Pink squirrel illustration by James O'Brien

Pink Explosion

Armed With a Flashlight and a Sense of Wonder, Researchers Discover Hot-Pink Squirrels

…project began. The team asked Kohler to take the lead. She was an undergraduate biology major about to enter her senior year. She had time and she had access. She was already helping on a small mammal trapping project in the Apostle Islands with Olson, and she had worked on…

soei building campus

Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute Turns 50

Large Trees from Small Acorns Grow!

…grant to support a study related to the Apostle Islands. At $22,500, it was the largest government grant received by the College to date. As Bob Matteson observed, large trees from small acorns grow! On September 21 and 22, 2022, the Institute will once again host an environmental conference. We…

2019 SONWA Winning books, To Speak for the Trees and The Boy Who Grew a Forest

Sigurd F. Olson Nature Writing Awards Announced

…to the many scattered islands of Polynesia. Immersing readers in a historical survey of competing explanations for how this migration might have happened, Christina Thompson also reminds us of the innate curiosity and wonder that inspires exploration and our engagement with the natural world. Honorable Mention Mario and the Hole…

Devil's Island Apostle Islands

IJC Releases Recommendations

Lake Superior Has Seen At Least 5 Blooms In The Last Decade

…east of Superior to the Apostle Islands on the lake’s south shore. Researchers found in an initial review of Lake Superior blooms that two of the largest blooms followed extreme flooding and occurred around peak water temperatures in the summer. The commission suggests the two governments develop models to predict…

Jaguar Macho Uno

Macho Uno

Tracking One of the Oldest Wild Jaguars

…Jaguar” paper because he wouldn’t have wanted his name on something he didn’t legitimately contribute to, Olson said. However, both papers list the following acknowledgment, “This work is dedicated to the memory of Parker J. Matzinger; he was a burst of light.” The Matzingers established a paid internship to provide…

Northland College alum Halee Kirkwood holds books inside bookstore.

Where the Love Is

Halee Kirkwood '15 connects community through literature.

…to Louise Erdrich was insanely instrumental as a human and also as an artist.”   At Northland, Halee studied literature, writing, eco-criticism, and gender and women’s studies. Halee interacted with a dynamic group of peers—one of whom hired Halee for an internship at Aqueous, a regional literary journal. Another pivotal…

Northland College student Michael Lant

All You Have to Do Is Ask

Senior Michael Lant and Fishing

…Lant has even incorporated the two degrees, donating ceramic mugs to be sold at one of AFS’s fundraisers. Now wrapping up his senior year, Lant is developing his capstone using the experience and data gathered from his internship with the Wisconsin DNR to create an “anglershed project.” “The anglershed project…

Northland College graduation cap decorated with solar panels

A Future in Solar

Loucks '18 to hold first paid sustainability internship for City of Ashland

…Stacy Craig about internships in your field BEFORE junior year. Two of my most rewarding experiences senior year were my two internships and I’m so disappointed that I didn’t have the forethought to start those before my last year at college. Go to the workshops for resumes and cover letters….