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Two Northland College students and dogs

Finding Home on a New Campus

Transfer Students Michaela Jurewicz and Katie Tapper

…Northland, I saw Julie’s internship and all the memories of Little Michaela fantasizing about mushing came flooding back so I emailed Julie right away. On the O-O trip, Katie said something about wanting to work with animals and we started talking about the internship. I am thrilled I get to…

Northland College staff Stacy Craig

A Deeper Life Because of Northland

Stacy Craig Ashland Daily Press I started as the internship coordinator at Northland College nine-years ago, and at the time, I planned to develop a program modeled on other colleges’ career centers. I researched job growth and hiring trends. I read reports about top internship programs. I related all of…

Northland College annual fall Everybody Party, celebrating the Northland community.

Get Involved

…website, drop by their office in the Ponzio Campus Center, call them at 715-682-1289, or email them. Employment A key component of your college experience will be working in areas that fuel you. This might include a work-study job, an internship, or an off-campus job in your field. Our job…

Northland College stadium


…news & updates Personalized campus tours Access to Northland archives Alumni Welcome home. Are you a recent graduate looking for professional opportunities? Northland has a new and widely-used job search platform called Handshake, which is specific to students and recent graduates. Whether you’re looking for an internship, full-time or part-time…

Sarah Johnson faculty Stockton

Sarah Johnson Pursues Plants on the Edge and Beyond

Burke Center Recognizes Key Collaborations

…partners. I’ve often attempted to bridge science and applied management… [I enjoy working] with natural resource agencies on applied conservation issues.” For the past few years, Johnson has been monitoring rare plants in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore and Isle Royale National Park for a project Johnson has named “Plants…


Binational Commission Hears Concerns About The Great Lakes

International Joint Commission Listens As Campus and Community Detail Issues Threatening Water Quality

…system is a standard used by the two governments and would bring back concerns over the way in which progress is measured. Several people voiced their concerns with algal blooms that have appeared on Lake Superior near the Apostle Islands in recent years. Earlier in the day, aquatic ecologist Brenda…

Northland College commencement speaker Ella Shively.

Examining One’s Precious Life

2021 Commencement Address

…ears were leading me toward the Apostle Islands Marina, I realized the truth. There was no ghost ship calling me down to the waves with the chiming of its bell. This beautiful music originated from the sailboats propped up on shore, their steel cables clamoring against the tall, empty masts….

Becky Brun ’00 sits atop St. Peters Dome south of Ashland.

Half Hugger, Half Hooper

Apostle Islands. I loved the wide variety of liberal arts courses Northland had to offer, eagerly registering for World Religions and Native American Cultures, Environmental Economics and Ethics, Sea Kayaking, and Ornithology. (Okay, I dropped out of ornithology not one, but two spring semesters because I couldn’t handle the 4:30…

Wheeler Bridge

Bridging a Passage

…her course, The English Language, I particularly remember watching the documentary The Language You Cry In that traced the link between the Gullah language of African American communities in the islands off the coast of South Carolina. In the film, linguistics reveal a way Gullah people make connections with the…

Northland students with the Mary Griggs Burke Center doing field research

And the Emmy Goes To . . .

Burke Researchers Featured in Award-Winning Doc

…Associate Director and Water Scientist Matt Cooper as they sampled fish and invertebrates. in the Apostle Islands. “It was a thrill to be part of the documentary and to work with the talented PBS team, ” Cooper said. “This program goes a long way in educating the public about the…