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NIck Smith at booth at Loon Days

My LoonWatch Internship

…with the survey because of the willingness of the people I contacted. This type of community involvement is something I want to continue in my career. When I am not interacting with the lake communities, I am on the computer entering survey data from previous years. Each lake’s data tells…

wolf head

Tug of War Over Wolves

…American marten, as well as outreach and education. Once he “hit the limits” of his own knowledge, he decided to continue his education with a graduate degree. With his aquatic plant data in tow, Olson headed to UW-Madison and turned the analysis of the data into graduate work. As a…

Fish Creek flowing into Chequamegon Bay

Researchers Prep region for Climate Change

…up around here, we were way off—40 to 50 percent off on precipitation estimates on the lower side,” Lehr said. The area’s culverts, road crossings and ditches were all built based on these erroneous data. Climate change compounds the situation even more. Chequamegon Bay is large and sits on the…


…particularly hard to fill for employers. This report is based on data available to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and covers data on enrollment, completion, tests and, new this year, data covering retention rates, salary, demographics and retirements. Some data points from this year’s report include: • Teacher retention…

kids make soda bottle structure

A Highway, or Muddy Path, Shall Be There!

…and advancement teams. In those three years we saw, even more acutely, the strength of Northland’s vision and how it manifests itself in our incredible alumni family. This continual drive to help others lay their own paths and to spread our values, helped drive the two of us into three…

Young ladies in a canoe on a lake with fall colors behind them.

Youth Outreach Programs

Planting the Seeds of Literature The Children’s and Young Adult Literature Conference is a symposium for educators, including public librarians, teachers, child care providers, parents, and college students enrolled in fields related to education. Held at Northland College, this conference will include keynote presentations, breakout sessions, networking time, book signing,…

student with water samples

Student Research Opportunities

Research, Analyze, Communicate: The Student Experience We take our location next to the largest freshwater lake in the world seriously. Through our laboratory, field research, and communications, we provide paid graduate level opportunities for undergraduates. Our student researchers, analyze, and communicate freshwater science—including climate change, toxic chemicals, Great Lakes policy,…

Chemistry student in the lab

Lab Services

…and staff to analyze a range of environmental samples that describe water quality, soil nutrients, and foodweb processes. Data from the ARELab support a wide range of environmental management decisions. For more information about ARELab and the services it provides, please contact lab services at Northland College by calling 715-682-1810….

Professor Sarah Johnson holds measuring tape at Stockton Island

Monitoring Vegetation in the Apostle Islands

Student-Faculty Research

…or that I would be a coauthor of a technical report and manuscript for publication as a junior.” As Johnson’s work-study research assistant, Leonard added data from summer 2013 Canadian Yew studies into a global information system. She then created maps, comparing 2013 to data from the 1990s to look…